Online Beauty Business, Anyone?

I’ve often thought of setting up an online shop of some kind, it seems ‘the done thing’ in blogging circles these days to have a commercial sideline but I never really knew where to start or for that matter what I would sell. I’ve bought and sold on online auction sites but starting a site from scratch is totally different and the following article *provided by Shopify* is actually really helpful if you’re thinking of starting an online business!

How to Make Money Selling Beauty Products at Home
Are you always the first of your friends to try out a new product? Do you love dispensing cosmetics advice and giving makeovers? You may be a natural at starting your own cosmetics home business. Starting a home-based career selling makeup is now easier than in the past. Although you can rep for big companies like Avon or Mary Kay, with the array of boutique products out there you could also stock your own online boutique with a hand-picked selection from many different suppliers. To get started, you’ll need to get online and do your research. The following are a few tips as you get started.

Source your Products
One of the first steps towards starting your own cosmetics business is to determine what you’re going to sell. As mentioned above, you could decide to sign up with a larger company in need of sales representatives. Avon has been working with individual sales reps for decades, for example. The benefit of this is that you get extensive sales support. However, with website building programs like Shopify ecommerce software, you can build a business on your own far more easily than in the past. This allows you to get in touch with smaller companies whose products you’d like to represent. It’s a good idea to choose a niche market, like eco-friendly makeup or hair care products. This will ensure that you can learn every detail about the products you are selling!

Create a Website
With your products sourced and ready to go, the next step is creating an online store to start attracting clients. Today’s programs like Shopify design software give you an array of templates to pick and choose from. The best websites are easy to use, eye-catching, and filled with large images but not too much text. A clean layout will help make beauty products look fresh and appealing.

Interact with Customers
Promoting a beauty business requires a hands-on sales approach. Customers love free samples and information about the product’s origin. Consider offering free samples on your website and print out brochures to pass out to potential clients. Take the time to talk to your customers and find out what they’re looking for. You can do this by setting up social networking profiles and reaching out to clients online. Blogging is an excellent way to share personal stories, before and after photos, and information about your most exciting new products. Encourage customers to leave comments and respond to these whenever possible. However, don’t pass up the chance to work with customers in person even if you’re selling via an online boutique! Network everywhere you can, from social clubs to parties. Donate your products to charity auctions and hand out free samples at local events. Consider throwing your own product party to spread the word, offering makeovers and live entertainment. Be sure to print up business cards with your website address and social networking information, so that customers can  find you online once they’ve fallen in love with the products.
The most successful online businesses are those run by individuals who are clearly passionate about their products or services. The beauty of running a cosmetics business is that it allows you to be social and work with products you love.



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