Organic Surge Lavender Hand Wash & Cream


Todays post comes from friend and fellow blogger Laura, you can check her out over at

For the past 10 months I have really suffered with eczema on my hands, no idea what triggered it, but nothing will cure it. As I life time sufferer of eczema I know I can treat it with steroid creams but that’s not the long term answer.  I cut out Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS) from all my shampoos/showergels about 5 years ago after reading how it was a major skin irritant, within a week I saw a HUGE improvement and never looked back. One thing I never cut it out of was handwash, I figured you wash it immediately off so it wouldn’t matter.  Since I started using Organic Surges Lavender Meadow handwash I have seen a huge improvement again (go figure), the soreness has completely gone and they are no longer chapped. I honestly didn’t think a simple change would do so much.

 I’ve been combining this with the Orangic Surge Handcream of the same fragrance to add an instant moisture hit. This cream absorbs immediately which is great when I’m at work as I hate using a computer mouse with a sticky hand. I also discovered recently I might be allergic to lanolin, as I was getting serious soreness immediately after using a variety of hand creams, this cream is lanolin free and is so calming on my skin.

Obviously I have very sensitive skin and love these products for helping out with that, but even if I didn’t I love these products. The smell for a start is amazing, I know a lot may not like lavender, I didn’t use to, but I now love it! It’s so soothing and reminds me of clean things (maybe that’s from having lavender fabric softener for my fresh bedding). I also like to use this at bed time as lavender as a strange power to knock me out (well not quite).

Love what these have done for my hands, have honestly made me a very happy Laura and want more in my collection x


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