Outfit Month #1

I’ve decided I am going to blog my outfits every day throughout September.
It’s my last month at work before I take my maternity leave. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to dedicate to blogging and YouTube but this will guarantee a post every day even if it’s not much more than a photo and a one liner. I will have at least 5 weeks at home before the baby comes s I intend to throw myself at MissBudgetBeauty and see what I can make of it while I have the time.. I’m really looking forward to it. Anyway.. on to the post. You shouldn’t expect much in the way of elaborate or designer gear but so few of my clothes actually fit me now it’s forcing me to be more creative so I figured.. why not document it? Hopefully you find the posts entertaining or even inspirational for those of you fellow preggos out there.
Today I wore my beloved TopShop maternity leggings (you will see A LOT of them) and a white primark vest under a “baggy” boyfriend shirt I bought a million years ago from GAP. On my nails I have 2True shade no.6 which is a fab dupe for Chanels Paradoxal btw (I’ve tried to get pictures but it photographs terribly) My necklace is the hamsa hand charm I bought on ebay and put on some random chain and my bag is from Oasis. It’s also likely you will see my daily breakfast which will no doubt be highly embarrassing for me as I am the least health conscious pregnant woman… don’t judge me!
Oh and for those wondering my phone case is from ebay!

Please excuse the terrible angle which makes my nose looks MONSTER but a quick beauty breakdown…
Garnier BB Cream in Light (I’m going to stick with it all month to really test it’s benefits) MAC MSF in Natural Light, MAC Peaches Blush, Accessorize bronzer in Laguna to highlight, Eyebrows are filled in with  “espresso” by MAC. I have Sumputous Olive on my eyes and lined them with Avon Glimmerstick in Black (review to come… it’s not favourable so far but I’m trying to stick with it) I used Benefits “They’re Real” on my lashes.. I have more thoughts on that since my initial review too!
I have nothing on my lips which is usual for me.. I don’t often wear gloss or lipstick for work.. not my style.
Is anyone else going to join me and blog your outfit every day this month? I loved the “Vlogust” idea last month and I might do something like that video-wise when I’m home all the time but in the meantime this is a little easier to stick to… apologies in advance if some posts are shorter than others!


  1. 1 September, 2011 / 8:53 pm

    You look stunning on all of the photos, love your makeup in the bottom one and your hair looks so lovely! Hope all is going well with the baby in your belly! Xx

  2. 2 September, 2011 / 8:41 am

    this is such a great idea, i dont think i would be very good though because i dont actually have a lot of clothes so tend to wear alot of very similar things and on a day to day basis my makeup tends to stay pretty neutral for work :s


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