Outfit Month #14

Everything looks better from a distance. Up close you can even see my belly button… Look a bit alien shaped in these pictures actually. Hmm..
The camel jumper is another new H&M aquisition, Ella told me it made me look slim.. So that was nice! Same leggings and boots as yesterday and my leopard wire hairband.. First day wearing it to work and I really like it.. Might have to adopt this style more often! I’m wearing my usual everyday makeup (as seen in my tutorial) one difference being my blush is Gosh Rose Whisper.. I’m really liking it!

I obviously didn’t have my outfit in mind when I repainted my nails last night.. Bit of a colour clash to say the least! This shade is from bargainous George at Asda and very difficult to capture. It turns purple/blue on different light. Quite nice!

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  1. 14 September, 2011 / 5:34 pm

    I've got that nail polish too – it's lovely 🙂

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