Outfit Month #25 and Meet Spike

Another brief outfit post… weekends are for rest!
*What I’m Wearing*
Jeans – Next Maternity
Top – Primark
Now as promised today is Spike’s day to be introduced to you all. Unfortunately he’s not quite so much the poser as his brother so this is the best I could do…
Meet Spike
He is a totally different personality to Remy. He is independent and loyal. He thinks he’s Nana (Peter Pan reference) and will not have fighting or arguing in the house. He’s only content when everyone is home and at night he patrols at regular intervals to check they are all where they should be. Unlike Remy he would be lost without us, he is difficult to win over, you have to put in the time and even then he makes you work for it. Spike was my first dog and he will always be my favourite. I always felt like he was the pushed out older child when Remy came along so I never really bonded with Remy because I didn’t want to leave Spike out. Some people treat their animals like pets and those people will think we are crazy but ours are family, celebrate birthdays and are very much loved.
On a complete tangent I am going to leave you with my song of the day.
I love this and never hear it, I have no idea where I first found it but I will never tire of it.


  1. 26 September, 2011 / 2:37 pm

    you look great. I have always had dogs and in our house they are like members of the family, and when you have had a dog for so long they become like children that you always have to be thinking about and looking after 😀


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