HD Brows From Primark

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IMG_8776Brow pens have never been THAT great in my experience, tough to get a very natural look with what is effectively a felt tip but some are better than others. Very fine, flexible applicators tend to be a little better but it really depends on how bold a brow you’re going for as to whether this kind of product will be for you. Another issue I’ve had in the past is colour, unlike gels, pencils and powders, ink dries to a different colour than it may first appear so finding the right shade for you can be tough. With all of this said I was intrigued to discover Primark had added 3 brow pens to their new PS..Pro line, they’re not the easiest formula to get right so it was an interesting choice and I was excited to give them a go. You can see my apply the pen in THIS VIDEO

IMG_8773The packaging is sleek and simple, I like the colour indicators at the end of each pen and the branding, nothing feels particularly cheap until you remove the cap. The pens are stiff, not really like felt tips so much as a firm marker pen nib, not ideal for creating fine strokes mimicking natural brows. I chose the very darkest shade when I tested them out because my memory told me that one faded to the most natural colour however the swatches below disprove that memory. When first swatched I thought they were pretty good, not a tremendous difference between the first and second colours which were both on the warm side but the third was a fair bit deeper and cooler. The next day, after multiple hand washes and a long soak in the tub the stains remained on my hand and I couldn’t believe the colours that were left behind. I tried to recreate this for this post by rinsing the swatches away, it didn’t quite leave the same stained effect however the main culprit I think is still obvious. That deepest shade has a quite unnatural purple undertone that you may not spot on your brows but that you almost certainly wouldn’t want the morning after wearing it.

IMG_8784IMG_8795Call me picky but it’s something that I know some of you will care about so something I wanted to mention. Overall the pens are £3 each and not too bad if you’re looking for a quick, long wearing brow product, don’t mind a bolder look and can find a shade that’s right for you. I’m not sure I’d use them again in a hurry but I’ve tried more expensive versions that I don’t love either so this may come down to preference rather than a poor product!


A Girl CAN Change Her Mind! / MONTH IN MASKS

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IMG_8786Todays mask is not one for the face but for the hair.. and it’s one I NEVER thought I’d be trialling again in a million years! Once upon a blog, way back when I reviewed the original Philip Kingsley Elasticizer after a rather harrowing hair damage drama and was left wanting, to say the least. It did absolutely nothing for me and after my negative review Phil contacted me (well maybe not HIM but someone who’s probably never met him that is somehow involved in getting bloggers to only speak highly of his products) and was offered a tub of the Extreme version as well as some shampoo/conditioner etc to use alongside it. They genuinely thought I would change my mind and naive as I was back then that gave me some hope that the product would really work for me. They really can’t believe I didn’t see amazing results, I thought.. it must have been me, I thought.. I’ll give it another go, I thought. It wasn’t.

I’ve had multiple samples of this product over the years and have never thought it anything to write home about but last week I was sent a new sample to review as part of  a beauty awards panel so I thought it only fair to give it another shot and refresh my memory before I wrote it up. For those of you just tuning in I had pretty awfully damaged hair at the start of the year, it was snapping off into a rather attractive mullet and I was at the end of my rope. I had a set of bonded hair extensions applied, took my colour much closer to my natural shade and 6 months later I would LIKE to say it’s made a miraculous recovery. It still needs some help but it’s amazing what that break from colour/bleach did for the condition and when I used this pre-shampoo treatment last week I was stunned. Once dry my hair felt smoother, looked shinier.. I finally saw that improvement everyone raved about. It’s an expensive product and I’m not sure I’d run out and purchase it once this runs out as there are so many others I like that are cheaper (coconut oil, I’m looking at you) but if you have the budget and the inclination to blow it on a £19.00 (for 75ml) pre shampoo treatment I can stand in your way no longer.

My experience tells me that this is NOT for those of you who’ve found this post in desperation, surrounded by clumps of hair. It’s for those of you who have maybe coloured, maybe heat damaged hair that needs a little TLC but that’s pretty happy where it is and isn’t planning on deserting you any time soon. The bold claims and glowing reviews had my expectations way above where they should have been which led to years of me bad mouthing this to anyone who’d listen but now I look at it with fresh eyes and hair in pretty good nick I see a place for it.. perhaps that place is days/nights when the potential of coconut oil dripping down my face isn’t quite so convenient.

PS. the original is actually £17.. so, y’know.. £2 saving. Every little helps!

Benefit Brows / Gimme Brow / 3D Browtones

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This week I’m going to be trialling every new brow product Benefit has to offer (that’s A LOT of brows!) and I’m kicking off with an already firm favourite. Gimme Brow is a tinted brow gel with tiny fibres that give a fuller looking, more defined brow. Since I had mine tinted and waxed (also at Benefit, would highly recommend the service) I’ve been using Gimme Brow exclusively to add colour and definition so I was interested to see whether the new packaging = new formula.. I’m happy to confirm it does NOT. Inside this fancier, space-age tube is the exact same brush too.


I first brushed through Gimme Brow (shade 2) to tint and volumise (top picture) which I knew I’d like because as previously mentioned.. identical product. The new and exciting step was the 3D Browtones. ‘Subtle Brow Enhancing Highlights’ – not sure about this one. I think you can see the second picture is slightly lighter and perhaps there’s more dimension but I wouldn’t run out and pick this up if your brows are already sparse and a bit ‘meh’ in colour like mine. If you have thick, dark brows it might be nice but for me.. not so much. IMG_8798

Here are the brushes compared.. I can’t quite work out what the spiky end of the Browtones is useful for, the packaging calls it a ‘comb tip’ but.. why? Also, it’s metallic! Again it’s not for me but might be for you and I’d love to hear about it if it is!


So I started with the brush on products but there’s lots more to come this week, from powders to creams to pencils. I won’t be trialling their longevity because that’s not an issue I have with any brow product so I think that would be a big redundant from me but I do plan to show them all in action on YouTube very soon so keep your eyes peeled if you’re in to that kind of thing!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 20.49.09


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