Travel Makeup / New York Summer Edit

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I packed my travel makeup in advance so I could film etc .. the usual bloggery stuff but I’ve made a few edits since the video went up last week so if you saw it THIS is the definitive selection! It’s tough to narrow down beauty stuff on any trip but especially in Summer.. I have no idea how hot it might really be/where we might go/how much makeup I might actually want to wear so I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum while leaving myself with a few options..


Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream – A light base that I’ll apply over my La Roche-Posay Athelios XL tinted SPF. I’m taking both my Brush Works Multitasking brush and a new beauty sponge from Boots with me to apply.. I like the brush for foundation but the sponge is perfect for concealer. Speaking of which MAC Pro Longwear made that cut.. again quite light but higher coverage than the CC cream and blendable enough to work as my entire base if needs be. My MAC Blotting Powder is coming with me because it’s my touch up powder of choice and I don’t want to take one in my bag and another for setting my makeup in the morning. My two blush options are NARS Powder Blush in Sex Appeal.. a really easy colour to wear and great if I’m feeling a more matte finish and Josie Maran’s Watercolour Cheek Gelee in Poppy Paradise. It’s a recent favourite, like a tinted cheek balm it’s super fast to apply and is pretty much summer in a pot. A sheer wash of colour that looks totally effortless.


Lip products were where I found it impossible to edit but I have done so since the video (for those who saw it) and am now taking 2 lipsticks with corresponding lip liners, Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk with MAC Faux and Rimmel Lip Liner in Pure with NARS Audacious Lipstick in Natalie. Alongside those I’m taking a Tint’n’Pout lip oil from George at Asda and anticipating several purchases while I’m over there ;). Eyes are simple as I do so little day to day, Maybelline Lash Sensational was the obvious mascara choice, I picked up a new Schwing liquid liner from The Balm and threw in an H&M liner in Terroir (deep brown) to wear with the Colour Essence Mousse in Dauphine Truffle in case I want to do something more than just a cat eye one evening.. but chances are I won’t.  With all these pencils I needed a sharpener of course and finally I have my Clinique Super Fine Liner for brows in Soft Brown and Benefit Gimme Brow which draws the makeup portion of the bag to a close.


The toiletries half was easier as I have half of the bag packed year round and topped up as and when we come back from various trips and overnight stays so it’s not a major chore to find all the miniatures I need whenever we travel. The only things I couldn’t track down this time were my shampoo and conditioner (RedKen Beach Envy Volume) and my beloved Pureology Colour Fanatic treatment spray.. I was lucky enough to have them sent to me via a PR contact but I’d highly recommend the regular sizes of these.. my favourites of the moment! I’m sharing some bits with Lee and show more of his stuff in the video but I have Nivea Men Cool Kick deodorant partly for this reason and partly because I generally hate womens deodorants. Fold up toothbrush and mini toothpaste are essentials but the Orajel (a US product) has become one in recent years.. nothing worse than toothache on holiday and this stuff will numb your entire mouth!! Speaking of ailments I have a horrendously sore back at the moment (I’ve been to a physio and I’m concerned it’s only been made worse) so along with a bag full of pain killers I’m also taking Nurofen Max Strength Pain Relief Gel for that.

Skincare-wise I’m taking the Balance Me balm cleanser, Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream, this mini Lancome Night cream that I’m sure I couldn’t afford but received a sample of and is LUXURY in a tiny jar and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser which is great for daytime hydration as it’s not too heavy. I’m also taking a few masks, the Glam Glow pods for my under eyes, the Masque Bar Eye Puffiness Minimising Patches and a Clear Improvement pod mask from Origins. I’ve got a couple more skin treats in my hand luggage which I’ll share later and am tempted to throw in some sheet masks but I figure I’ll more than likely pick some up while I’m over there anyway. Lastly I have a Burts Bees lip balm my Rapidbrow treatment a miniature Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and a RAZOR!


Although I feel like I’ve packed pretty light (remember, I get some kind of beauty packing handicap for being a blogger) it still seems like a lot of stuff.. I know I’ve packed twice this in the past though so I’m letting it slide. I’m also packaging regular SPF for the family in our main case but if you can think of anything I’m missing I still have time to edit this before doing the final case check on Wednesday.. eek! Not long now!!

Back To School With F&F at Tesco / AD

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When my daughter was young I’d buy her enough uniform for the school year in August and it would last her just fine. Enough uniform was perhaps a couple of school skirts, a dress and 5 shirts. Now I have a boy I realise that enough is a relative term. He needs new uniform every day so that’s 5 jumpers, 5 t-shirts, 5 trousers.. before you even begin to consider a potential mid-year growth spurt. It can get really expensive so I tend to shop for his stuff at the supermarket and this year F&F at Tesco has a great Back To School range.


A major difference I’ve found between my daughter and my son is how hard they are on their clothes. Ella was never one to shy away from getting dirty and she still can’t finish a meal without spilling something down her top but I cannot recall her ever wearing holes in anything. Milo must just be rougher and between rolling around with the dog and stunt falling during a rowdy game of Batman V Superman nothing lasts him long. The F&F range at Tesco has a couple of added benefits that I’m hoping will help to avoid that mad mid-season search for extra school clothes when they’re no longer in stores.


Quality Fit – this is a big bonus for my son who struggles to find something that fits in both the length and width. They have slim, flat and front pleat trousers as well as adjustable waists to make it that bit easier to find uniform that fits well.


Scuff-Resistant Shoes – This will be Milo’s first pair of proper school shoes and I’m hoping the pair he took forever to choose will be the only ones he needs. Ella does tend to have a couple of pairs of shoes per year because she wears ones with a thinner sole but the ballet flat style pumps I picked up were actually much more substantial than her previous pairs, it’s just a bonus that they were only £5!


Reinforced Knees –  So I saw the label and thought ‘oh that’s good’ but didn’t REALLY think to far in to it until after trying them on Milo left them inside out. They really ARE reinforced, there’s a thicker membrane on the lining of the knee and now I’ve seen it I’m totally sold. He can skid around on his knees to his heart’s content now.


‘As New’ Technology – My kids’ school colour is red which we all know is the WORST for fading. I’m not about to buy a new jumper just because it’s not as bright as it once was but if I can keep their uniform looking fresh and new that’s a bonus and F&F at Tesco have this label on both their jumpers AND their coloured polo shirts !


I was really happy with the choice in store but don’t be thinking you’ve got ages to stock up. the earlier you buy the better so if the kids need new kit head to your local Tesco today!

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Changing Room Tales / Primark

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Last week I had some time alone in the worlds largest Primark (Manchester, so I’m told) and I was excited to have a proper look round and EVEN, MAYBE try something on! I think we’re between seasons right now so the selection was disappointing, the Summer stuff was picked over and the Autumn stuff was minimal so I only had an armful of items when I got to the changing rooms but I decided to do another ‘Changing Room Tales’ and show you my selection.

IMG_0079 2

This shirt is very much the one that got away right now, it was a bit itchy and the next one I tried was SO soft by comparison I decided not to buy it but since then I’ve been told it would have transformed after just one wash. I went back to my local store yesterday looking for it with no success so I’m a bit gutted cause I loved the pink stripe.. if you see it, buy it! I think it was only £7!! I didn’t love the exterior buttons on the shorts, I’ve since ordered a second pair of my favourite high waisters from H&M as I just don’t think I’ll find another pair I like as much, fit-wise.


I’m wearing this shirt as I type, SO super comfy and can be dressed up (I think it can look formal worn as above) or tucked in to shorts like the other one and looks awesome, so casual and light for summer while being totally ageless. A teenager would look just as good in this as someone much older, total classic.. I think it was closer to £10 but don’t quote me.


This was my ‘try it, you might like it’ item.. I actually really did, very 90s but it was horrifyingly itchy!! really uncomfortable otherwise it would have been coming home with me for sure. It’s not obvious in the picture but it’s a metallic bronze colour and I believe this one was also around £10. If anyone has this please don’t tell me a wash would have fixed it.. I’m not ready.


I was on the fence about this dress, really like it but it gapes at the bust. I decided to keep it because it was otherwise flattering and THEN the cashier told me it was a cross back.. I don’t want to admit how long I’ve spent trying to figure out how to cross the two straps so I’ve come to the conclusion she was wrong but if anyone knows PLEASE share your wisdom! – £13


I’m ending on a couple more super softies. This baseball tee was something I thought wouldn’t look that nice on and truth be told it will probably end up as pyjamas but OMG it is the softest fabric EVER. I really like the fit and colours on me too so I’m taking it along to NYC in a couple of weeks and then we’ll see.. maybe a bed shirt after that – £6


I need another sweatshirt like I need a hole in the head (aside from my existing necessary holes) but it’s nice to have something new to travel in, isn’t it? I bought this sweater (£5) and a pair of ‘cosy leggings’ for the flight (also £5) and am trying not to wear them before we go. The Sweater I bought in a 10 (I usually buy a 12) and it was a nice fit.. the leggings I bought in a 14 hoping they’d stretch over my tummy and be comfier mid-flight however being a bit big they bunch up in the crotch and I now wish the jumper was a bit longer 😉

If you want to see a walking, talking version of this post you can watch the video above. Let me know if you’d like to see these in future.. I think they’re a bit more interesting than just showing what I ended up buying, especially in Primark where the queues to try stuff on are SO long you may end up buying and regretting!

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