Meet Rockette

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IMG_0747I’ve never been one to name my things or assign pronouns to handbags (in fact I would silently judge those who did, sorry) but as soon as this arrived I knew it couldn’t be referred to as Rockie. It’s my second of this style, my other is black and kind of deserves the name, it has an edgier look, a stiffer leather and generally a more masculine vibe.. by comparison this is the Barbie’s dream house of handbags. And so Rockette was born, Rockie’s younger sister, if you will.

IMG_0754When I first started buying ‘nicer’ things I would stick to basics and ‘classic pieces’, I would never have chosen something so bright and trendy but I’m coming to realise I don’t want to spend a lot of money on items that aren’t SPECIAL. Things make me happy, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m materialistic (although I’m sure some would) but I’ve had really bad days totally turned around by staring at a pair of sparkly shoes on my feet.

IMG_0731I’d seen a mini Rockie a few months ago in fuchsia (a darker pink with silver hardware – I think this one is Flamingo) and told myself if it went on sale I’d buy it.. it did.. I decided to wait and see if they added an extra discount code.. they did.. I didn’t order quick enough.. it sold out. I thought I’d look at eBay for an alternative.. once I’d had the chance to buy 50% off I wanted just as good a deal. I found a few options in varying conditions but this one stood out to me, its owner had bought it in New York on holiday and was now consolidating her collection to move over there. It felt a little bit fated and so I decided to take it off her hands.

IMG_0742It was bent out of shape and a dirty but a good wipe down, a bit of leather conditioner and stuffing it every night to iron out the creases did it wonders. A week later it looks practically brand new and will be accompanying me on my upcoming trip in New York.. I might even take it to visit some of its relatives 😉

Origins Mix & Mask Box

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IMG_0766THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This MIGHT be the best beauty box collaboration I’ve seen so far but this is definitely NOT a drill. Every one of Jane’s (British Beauty Blogger) past edits has moved quickly but this one is so good I’ll be shocked if it lasts the day. £20 for £84 worth of Origins products, I’m actually missing two here because I couldn’t resist using them (both face mask pods) so imagine this but even more impressive. The mask pods are actually maybe the most exciting part of the box for me as I’ve never seen them before and they’re going to be so useful for travel! Single use masks (I actually get 2 from each) in super compact, handy sizes, what could be better? IMG_0761You also get 2 masks in smaller tubes, one of which being my all time favourite Drink Up Mask. a holiday essential for me so gret to have in a travel size. The new Maskimizer that I’ve heard lots about.. it’s a spritz that you use to prime your face for a mask and (in theory) get the most from it.. jury’s out on that one but I’ll come back to you in a few weeks when I can really review it. The By All Greens deep cleansing mask was a new one for me too, a totally new idea in fact. There were no directions on the bottle so I had no idea how to use it but a little googling tells me it’s the equivalent of a deep conditioner for your hair. You are supposed to use it in place of your regular cleanser once or twice a week to get a really deep clean.. I’ve tried it and I like it, very fresh and I love the scent. Lastly, Vitazing.. something I’d already written off but that totally surprised me – you can see this in the video. It’s a skin tint with SPF15 which looked to be one of those annoying ‘adapts to your skin tone’ type things so there I was rubbing away assuming it would turn orange, as the ALWAYS do.. but it didn’t. I remember Vitazing being quite a bit thing a few years ago and I can see why.. I’ll update you on that once I’ve had more time with it too.


I’m always impressed by Jane’s beauty box collabs but this is the first one in which I am really excited to try every single product. There are usually at least a couple of fillers alongside the really stellar items but this is just so good I might have to order a second.. the way I use face masks I know this one wont last me long!


also, if you’re looking for the mask pods I found a variety pack online here – 6 for £15 I don’t think is too bad, especially if you can get two applications from each like I do.


You can get 8.4% cashback on all Latest In Beauty boxes if you sign up and buy through Top Cashback!!


PS…PRO / Prep & Perfect Primers

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IMG_8765I’ve never been big on primers, I don’t like adding anything between my skin and my foundation when it can already be SO oily. As I age (it happens to the best of us) I’m realising my bare skin isn’t providing the flawless base it once did. Between areas of dryness, fine lines and more visible pores I could stand to at least try out some of the fixes available and these three from Primark are an affordable (£5 each) option for anyone experimenting with Primers, like me.

IMG_8767The Miracle primer is much like Benefits Porefessional, thicker and silicone based to smooth over an uneven surface and give you a smoother base to apply your makeup on top of. I see the benefit of these but they’re my least favourite, I don’t like the heavy texture, I think this again comes down to my oily skin and silicone feeling a little greasy to my touch.

The Mattifying Primer is a light, gel texture that sets quickly and does do something to absorb oil. I’m not sure it does much else to make my skin look or feel nicer but its something I’d apply over my tzone and chin if I was attempting to control shine. As is I’ve only found one product that really works for that but it also really dries out my skin.. can’t have it all.

IMG_8771Finally the Illuminating gel is again very light and I don’t feel that it adds anything unwanted to my oily skin so if you’re looking for radiance that doesn’t just look like shine this might be right up your street. Added to foundation I think it adds a lovely sheen but worn underneath for me is pointless. Alone on bare skin it’s pretty though.

So they’re the PS.. Pro Primers. I’ve been pretty impressed by the new, posher Primark makeup range so far and if you’d like to see the entire collection I swatched them all in this video

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