CPR Babygrow Giveaway

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Last week I posted a video promoting the collaboration between Tesco & St John’s Ambulance on a baby grow that ‘teaches’ new parents CPR. I am so impressed by this idea, as a ‘teen mom’ I learned dangerously little about first aid while pregnant with my daughter and made no effort to educated myself when I had my son at an (in theory) older and wiser 26. You could be forgiven for assuming I was just totally laid back but no, far from it, I’m still on high alert for kidnapping and cot death with an 11 and (almost) 5 year old in my care so imagine my paranoia with a newborn. 3/4 parents say their child not breathing is their biggest fear in an emergency situation yet only 1/4 of us knows what to do if that happens. I was chatting to my friend Rowena about those mattress alarms that you can buy to alert you in the night if your child stops breathing.. I had been tempted, she had actually bought one. We are so worried about this happening we’re prepared to spend hundreds of pounds on a device to alarm us if the worst happens but did she know what to do if the alarm went off? NO! How crazy is that! I am more than happy to promote this campaign until the cows come home because I can’t believe it’s the first one of it’s kind I’ve heard of and how effective it could be at raising awareness of very basic CPR skills that I’m ashamed to admit I had zero knowledge of.

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Cobweb Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

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img_1855I had to trash Monday’s post, the dire picture quality was killing me!! I decided to repost my first look so that I could also introduce Talonted Lex who I will be collaborating with for this nail art series. We will be posting a bunch of nail looks between now and 31st October to inspire you to try some yourself. Lex is much more skilled than I so I thought I’d do some super simple step-by step guides for those of you beginners out there – like me!


Sephora Shopping

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With all the excitement and rumours surrounding Sephora’s (hopeful) move to the UK I thought I’d share my most recent haul. I picked up some bits in New York last month and the majority of my basket ended up being own-brand sheet masks so here’s hoping it does come to London soon (and sticks around this time) because I’m completely obsessed!

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rollerball Set 

This is something I’ve heard a lot about over the past few years and I have been meaning to pick it up for a while so when I saw this mini roller ball set at checkout I decided it was as good a time as any. I’m glad I picked up a travel size as I’m very much in to the Black fragrance, Violet, Sandalwood & Vanilla make for a heavier, some might say more evening fragrance but it’s what I would prefer of the two for my day to day. White is made up of Peony, Muguet, Tender Musk.. first of all WHAT is the WHAT is tender musk? Secondly it’s just a little too light an floral for me.. wearable, just not my favourite.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick / American Doll

This I’ve only used once so far.. I’m thinking of pulling together a series of festive liquid lipsticks next month and maybe a ‘wear and compare’ video showing how each of the last because I don’t believe you always get what you pay for in this category. I love the colour of this but my first impressions were that it didn’t live up to the hype.. more testing needed.

Urban Decay Naked Concealer

Another product that was unfortunately a bit ‘meh’ for me initially.. I haven’t used it enough to truly review it yet but it’s definitely not an instant hit like, fore example the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer was. I really do love that Sephora offer these checkout minis.. I’m seeing a few make their way in to Boots but it’s one of the things I’m most excited for in the (fingers crossed but sounds VERY hopeful now) UK Sephora

Khiels Creme De Corps

Not technically a Sephora purchase, I picked this up with my remaining dollars at the airport but it definitely didn’t warrant a solo post so I thought I’d chuck it in with this lot. Much thicker than I’d expected I can see an element of luxury that makes it feel worth the extra but honestly? I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m not super keen on the fragrance and it didn’t do anything above and beyond what my cheaper body butters can do for me.

Hydrogel Eye Mask

I’m still yet to use this, why? you ask.. NO. EYE. HOLES! I was travelling with the family and had half an hour in Sephora on our last day so this really was a supermarket sweep style dash and I just didn’t look properly at what this was. You have to close your eyes the entire time you’re wearing it and for this serial multitasker that’s just never going to happen! The only time it might work is at night as I go to sleep.. but what if I need the toilet? Lee would have to guide me!! Nah!

Eye/Face Sheet Masks

Just generally.. Love these quick pick me up sheet masks. Wish they were more saturated so they stuck to my face better (FYI Tony Moly ones are the BEST for that) but they’re the second thing I’m most excited to see in our version of Sephora. I actually would love for us to get some of the skincare that’s currently exclusive to the European model.. I guess we shall have to wait and see what we get!

If you’re more of a watcher than a reader you can watch me go through my purchases in this video


Since my US visit I made a quick pit stop to Sephora in Paris, I will likely share what I bought there in some review posts but if you’d like to see my bizarre hotel room haul (filmed at midnight.. how I had the energy I have no idea) you can watch that here

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