Christmas In Our New Home

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Somewhere between leaving my old house and moving to this one I lost my handy vlogging camera that I carry with me everywhere I go so a Christmas vlog and moving shots were lost this past week but I thought I’d share some snaps I got on Christmas Day. We moved in last Thursday and are pretty settled in the new place at this point but we still have lots to do at the old place before we hand over the keys and plenty of additions to the new house in the next 6 months so I will share some pictures of the rooms as they are right now very soon. I’m most excited to share my wardrobe system which is almost 100% done.. I think I want to add a couple more shelves and maybe a pull out for accessories but for a relatively small room we’ve done pretty well storage-wise. The living room is almost entirely as we want it but we’ll be trading in one of the sofas at some point.. right now my financial priorities lay with a new vlog camera (providing this one *everything crossed* doesn’t turn up in a random box) and a holiday. We usually have something booked for January/Easter so to wake up on Boxing Day with now vacation on the horizon and absolutely knackered was a minor downer but hey.. once the house is pulled together and every box is unpacked it will have all been worth it, right?

img_8257img_8214img_8310img_8284img_8321img_8332img_8359img_8326How did you all spend your Christmas break? I’m back to arranging the house tomorrow and work on Thursday so it hasn’t felt like much of a holiday period for me but I did take 2 days to revel in the festivities and catch up on my sleep.. almost

Christmas Markets

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I cannot BELIEVE it’s taken me 30 years to visit a Christmas market!! I am SUCH a Christmas freak too.. so this year I made up for it by visiting 3! Manchester was first and possibly my favourite of the bunch for variety, then York which was just CRAZY busy and a little too enclosed for my liking.. also not enough foodie stalls. Lastly Emma and I stopped by the market at Leicester Square after The Nutcracker last Saturday – not sure the ballet is for me.. found it difficult to follow but think I will try one more before I concede so any recommendations are welcome – and it was the nicest to walk because although it was busy there was more room between the stalls, it was CARPETED (swish!) and small enough to see it all in not much time. Of all of the markets I love the wooden ornaments and the mini pancakes (there’s a German name but I forget it) with powdered sugar most of all and I will absolutely be back to Manchester with the whole family next year, opening weekend!


img_8149img_8179img_8184..seriously, those pancakes though

OMG! We Bought A House!

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So the house is as good as ours (she says still slightly nervous it could all fall through) and this Thursday all being well we will collect the keys to our new home!! We went for our walk-through yesterday to check all the last details and learn how to use the oven (a meeting I initially scoffed at but which was actually super useful) and it’s all starting to feel real now. We spent a small fortune in IKEA today picking up all the storage for the new place.. it’s A LOT, not looking forward to building the wardrobes AT ALL but I feel like we have everything we should initially need. Since we’re buying the place with my parents (more on this later) we’re condensing two houses in to one and space will be scarce all round so  smart storage is essential. I will share what we’ve chosen once we’re in but it’s mostly made up of the ever-versatile KALLAX (used to be EXPEDIT) and the dream wardrobe system that is PAX. I’m also hoping to move my Christmas tree as is.. but that might be ambitious, huh?

Although moving so close to Christmas is not ideal I’m starting to get excited since I’ve been so cautious to believe it’s going through throughout the process. Last time we moved I felt pretty settled within 48 hours so I’m confident I can at least pull the living room together in a day but I will be back with an update by the end of the week.. a no doubt absolutely exhausted update!

Wish us luck!

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