Brighton / Blogger Buzz-worthy?

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So last month Lex and I hopped on a train to Brighton.. I had wanted to go for the longest time and came away disappointed.. this is going to seem like a strange post but I think a little balance is needed for those who like me could be fooled by the instagram allure..

I was SO excited to visit Brighton, instagram and blogs make it look so picturesque, so pretty and a must-do for any blogger worth their site.. but for me? It was just like any other seaside. I don’t personally see the appeal at all and was mighty disappointed when I walked along the pier to discover it’s EXACTLY LIKE BLACKPOOL.. what?? I realise now that it’s just the closest beach to the city.. so if you’re in to the tacky seaside attraction (and I use that word as huge fan of tack elsewhere) then you will probably be in to this. There are some fringe benefits to it being so close to London, kitschy shops and cafes that feel a little more hipster than say Scarborough’s selection but it just did not push my buttons because I do not like to be beside the seaside.

img_1141img_1132img_1175img_1144img_1129I know that sounds mad.. so why did I go? Call it peer pressure, call it ‘YouTube made me do it’ I just expected a whole world of buzzworthiness when in actual fact, pretty as the beach is it’s still just somewhere to hang out with fish and chips after going on the dodgems. My Mum would LOVE it but I do not like long walks on the beach.. I’ll take a view of that beach from a hotel bar, thanks! In short, Brighton can be picturesque but if you’re anything like me you’d probably prefer Bournemouth.

Exploring Central Park

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I was going to leave these posts until next Summer but realised that by then there would be so many other things I wanted to share.. so here we are, still talking about my holiday in August, in November, I’M SORRY. I want to post everything I have though, if for no other reason than to prove what an excellent holiday destination New York City can be, not just for adults but for the whole family. We did things on this trip we’ve never done before, visited attractions we didn’t even know were there and cannot wait to go back! I don’t think the kids would fare well in the arctic Winter on January so if we return for your anniversary we will be sans children but in the Summer it is absolutely fantastic and this was one of my favourite days.. definitely top 5 😉



Pretty is The New Push Up

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img_0025I posted this set from Primark on instagram a month or so ago and aside from the ‘how pretty’ comments I did get a few ‘but how will they wash?’ and I totally get it.. I love delicate lingerie like this but am always worried it will be destroyed after the first spin in the machine. Since Vogue declared the cleavage ‘over’ this week and heralded the return of soft cup bra’s I decided I would share a few of my favourite sets and introduce you to possibly the best invention EVER – The Laundry Bag. I’d heard of these before but never thought I needed one until I ordered this from Amazon after buying these delicates and I don’t know how I went so long without it!! Not only does it protect pretty lace and embellishments but it saves your tights from tangling or laddering and your bra hooks from being mangled beyond all use in the machine. Hands up who’s lost countless bras to that fate? I’ve lost some EXPENSIVE bras that were otherwise perfectly fine to their hooks being caught in the washer.. never again. I know this sounds sponsored but buy one and you’ll get it, trust me! For now.. here are my pretty picks of the new lingerie line up..

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