Packing For New York

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I like to think I’m pretty good at packing a case these days but for this trip I tried something different and used it not only in my case but the kids too. I do of course always consider outfits ahead of time but tend to think of mixing and matching and generally having enough of everything, this time I packed in complete outfits. You can see what I mean from my daughters piles of clothes below, every top had a bottom and in the kids case they had underwear rolled in too. In theory this means they can live out of a case without the daily rummage.. they can pick out one roll of clothes and that’s everything they need to dress for the day,


We’ve each got minimal shoes, 1 swimsuit (there’s a pool in our hotel) 7 outfits (2 more than days we’re there – plus extra for Milo) pyjamas and our travelling clothes already laid out and ready to go. We’re driving down to Heathrow tonight and fly tomorrow.. we usually bag up our day before clothes and leave them in the boot of the car before we head to the airport the morning of so we have only clean clothes with us in our cases.. we need that space for SOUVENIRS!!!


If you want to see the specifics of what I actually packed for the trip you can watch this video. It’s my first time visiting New York in the Summer and I understand it’s hot, humid and can rain with no notice so I’ve tried to pack accordingly but I may do an update on our return and let you know what maybe I should/shouldn’t have taken to be more weather appropriate!

American Beauty

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IMG_0608It’s so close to holiday time I can ALMOST taste it.. in 48hours we’ll be at the airport so today we’re putting the finishing touches to our rough itinerary (I always have one but since we’re taking the kids it’s a little less rigid this trip) and I’m making my final shopping list and thought I’d put out this post to see if you guys have any last minute recommendations .. Of course In return I will be sharing some of my own gems I’ve discovered over the years..

LORAC Pro Palette

It’s a standard oldie but goodie, I know but REALLY.. Lorac eyeshadows are LUSH! Once upon a time nothing could beat Urban Decay for me but these days if I’m reaching for something ‘nice’ over my more affordable palettes this is IT! I’d be tempted by more matte formulas from the brand.. they’re just buttery!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush

A great selection of super blendable shades in packaging that, get this.. corresponds to the colour of the PRODUCT. So simple but beyond useful if you have more than a couple of blushers from one brand in your collection! The only issue with these is that I’ve found they can dry out over time.. not ideal for this collector!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolour Cheek Gelee

A product I’ve had for about 2 years but only used last month for the first time. It literally sat in its box that entire time because I assumed it would be really difficult to apply/wear but for the purpose of this post (which is why it’s pristine in the above picture) I bust it out and I’m SO glad I did cause I’ll be picking up another while I’m in New York! It’s a bit like a tinted cheek balm, so easy to blend out and really subtle.. I totally get the hype.. there was about 2 years ago.

Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener

We can still get the original of this, I believe but the Brightener version I’ve only ever seen in the states. I picked it up thinking I was repurchasing the regular light concealer and still haven’t used this up in the 3 years I’ve had it (don’t tell the makeup expiry police) but it’s a great pick me up on those days when I haven’t had as much sleep as I’d like.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

This is love hate.. I LOVE how easy it is to apply and the quick cat eye I can create with it.. but I HATE the formula! It’s not black enough, it transfers and it just DOESN’T last. So many people rave about this but I believe there is another version so I’ll be looking that up on my trip to see if maybe I picked up the wrong one. I really wish the liquid itself was better because or that the nib was something i could dip in to something else because it feels like such a waste of an almost good thing.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

These are EXCELLENT! I have 4 now but am still looking for a couple of elusive shades I’ve been unable to track down. TIP: apply a very thing layer for the most long wearing, comfortable finish! only gripe with this one is that the wand is so long I find it really awkward to apply which often leads to less than perfect lines.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I was given this in a free gift from Sephora, TIP: if you’re visiting sign up for a beauty card and enter your birthday as that day or soon after to receive a free gift! It was ACTUALLY my birthday but they didn’t check and a friend I was with did the same thing and got the gift, SCORE! I loved the cleanser and was later sent a full size to trial by the brand in the UK which led to a wave of both nostalgia and good skin! It’s my favourite ‘second cleanse’ after removing my makeup with something balmy and it’s been stolen by both by husband and my daughter on more than on occasion. Gentle but effective.

Fresh Brown Sugar Fragrance

As previously mentioned the brand is now in the UK but it’s much easier to get hold of in the US and still cheaper.. even with the current exchange rate *sobs*. My favourite thing from Fresh is still their Brown Sugar fragrance, it’s fresh and citrusy while actually smelling of SUGAR. It’s definitely not for everyone.. I know this because friends have told me but I can’t get enough and reminds me of holidays!! Yum!

That’s just a handful of items I could lay my hands on to mention but once I’m back with a bunch of new stuff I might just have to write up a part two. Fresh has a store in the UK now, Kat Von D is coming very soon and Tarte dabbles with sales on QVC but there’s still so much they have over there that I wish was more readily available here. What’s on your current American beauty lust list? 

How Do You Wear A Hat?

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Genuine question! I have no idea! I’ve bought a huge number of hats in my 30 years and the last style that I really identified with was the ‘Blossom’ style turned up hat of the 90s. If only they’d make a come back I’d be in my ELEMENT but unfortunately I’m stuck with ‘cool’ hats I have no idea how to wear but am DETERMINED to make work!


My recent hair extensions are part of the reason, I want to protect the bonds from the New York heat when we visit later this week but seriously.. any tips? Are there videos dedicated to this subject? Why haven’t I looked that up??

In other news I have been LIVING in this outfit.. these shorts are the most comfortable item of clothing I own, they’re high waisted and a size too big.. the first I’ve felt confident wearing anywhere other than on holiday. So much love do I have for these shorts that I’ve ordered another pair (in white) which I’m sure I’ll also be sharing shortly. The shirt was a total bargain from Primark and is insanely soft, if you can still find it in store I would highly recommend you pick it up.. along with several others that I left behind and have been unable to track down since.. you only regret the things you didn’t buy!!

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