Powered By Collagen

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Okay so first thing’s first, I’m pretty sure my entire camera lens was fogged up or had a giant smudge across it when I shot these photos because I’m certain I wasn’t going for the 80s soft focus vaseline smeared look.. I swear. You know I’ve been in to my natural nails and treatments lately so this new launch from Nails Inc was very well received last week and I couldn’t wait to try it out but I wanted to give it a little test run before just posting my swatches. The line is ‘Powered By Collagen’ and the general idea is that we mustn’t neglect our nails, we should want them to look just as youthful as our faces and hey, who am I to argue?

IMG_1173The 4 above are the treatment, the base coat, the nail colour and the top coat. I used them all just short of a week ago and am typing this with hideously chipped nails but an interest in a couple of the products shown. I blame the lack of my beloved Seche Vite for the chipping, very few polishes would last me more than a day without it so that’s not really a negative but I’m definitely not a fan of their ‘best selling’ Caviar top coat. There aren’t any top coats that in my experience do much other than add shine but this doesn’t even do that for me. The base coat was nice and something I may break out if my nails are a little flakey but base coats aren’t what I consider to be an essential. It was a very thin matte coating which created a lovely canvas for the polish and if you use base coats regularly to aid application you may like this one but as I mentioned earlier it definitely didn’t prolong the wear.

IMG_1176The Overnight Detox Mask was interesting, it’s supposed to hydrate and strengthen your nails overnight. I can’t say that there was an immediate difference but this is something I’m definitely going to be revisiting. It has a doe foot applicator unlike almost ever other bottle treatment EVER and it makes SO much more sense when you come to apply it it will make you question why everyone isn’t doing it. The texture is more gel than oil which made me think there was a chance of it staying on my nails overnight.. if I stayed perfectly still.. that and in the morning my nails did still have a little residue. I will update you if this becomes something I would repurchase but it’s definitely the stand out of the bunch innovation wise. The other product I will be using again is the Conceal & Reveal nail colour, a sheer tint to conceal imperfections which can be layered to an almost opaque colour (worn in the first photo) it’s right up my street at the moment. There are tiny light reflecting particles which I would like to blame for the soft focus effect of the pictures.. yes, that was definitely it.

Along with the ‘natural’ nails there are new nail colours ‘Powered By Collagen’ which I will post on seperately but *spoiler alert* they’re pretty epic.. one coat opaque! QVC have 2 sets of 6 (the overnight mask, base coat, top coat, reveal/conceal and either 2 bright or 2 nude nail colours) for £31.50 right now. Excellent value considering a full sized bottle of anything from Nails Inc will run you at least £14! 

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Get Away For Less

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I was out with my friend, Stacie and our kids last week during the first day of the Easter holidays and we were both already thinking ahead to the Summer. When the kids are occupied and happy it’s great but nothing’s worse than a bored child at home with ‘nothing to do’ and 6 weeks off can be daunting for parents. Either you’re off with them and they’re driving you nuts or you’re working and the childcare is costing you an arm and a leg. Trips during the school holidays seem to cost more every year and schools have even started fining those who take them in term time. If you’re looking to save cash on a family break it can feel impossible.

Every year The Sun runs their £15 holiday deal which I always hear about but have never got around to using. Stacie was telling me she’s used it a lot and would recommend the scheme but that it pays to collect and book as early as possible. Looking a little further in to it it seems to be insanely popular and I can see why. there are threads in forums dedicated to getting the best deals first and sharing experiences about the various parks available to book.

There are 270 parks across the UK and Europe costing from £15 in the Summer months and only £9.50 in April/May. There are add ons depending on where you stay and the level of luxury you require but the base price is ridiculously affordable and aside from the paper itself the coupons cost nothing to collect. You need 8 unique codes (found on the coupons) to get online and book your break and given the amount of information that is already out there you can arm yourself with a fair bit of research ahead of collecting your final paper.

I will be collecting this year to see what’s on offer as I quite fancy taking the kids away on my own for a few nights but don’t want to spend a fortune on a supplementary holiday. The first coupon with be in Saturday’s (2nd) paper and the campaign end on the 8th.


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Charlotte Tilbury / Between The Sheets

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Charlotte Tilbury Between The SheetsI recently tested 5 high end lip products and pitted them against each other in a day test comparison. One of those 5 was the new Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Between The Sheets. I picked it up on a whim when I was in Covent Garden recently, I’d heard a lot of good things about CT and wanted to try something for myself. I also picked up the Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk which *spoiler alert* was considerably more impressive than this but neither are really worth the price tag.

Charlotte Tilbury Between The Sheets

I have to touch on the packaging, I’m certain I’m in the minority but I think it’s really dated. I have some old Estee Lauder lipsticks in similar tubes from WAY back and although I’m sure it’s supposed to look classic/vintage I think it just looks a bit old fashioned and not particularly high end. I have some lipsticks from Joan Collins Beauty to share with you that are very similar and something tells me that’s not what Ms Tilbury was going for. The uniquely shaped bullet is designed to mimic a lip brush for precision application..

Charlotte Tilbury Between The SheetsI love a matte finish lipstick but this is designed to be a more comfortable ‘modern’ matte which is some kind of hybrid formula and nothing like matte as I know and love it. That was the first negative but I do have cream/satin lipsticks that I love so I wouldn’t have tossed it aside for that reason alone. The colour is lovely, I believe the name was put to a vote and Between The Sheets was chosen because the colour is reminiscent of a post action ‘flush’ but don’t hold that against it, it’s a pretty pink.  The formula is the kicker because this is where you expect to get your moneys worth with these more expensive brands and for me this was a poor mans version of the Revlon Lip Balm. It was thick, picked up on every area of dryness and didn’t last long at all before there was nothing left of it on my lips.

Charlotte Tilbury Between The SheetsIt’s a really unusual texture and NOTHING like a matte lipstick in my opinion but many have suggested it is a matte for those who prefer cream.. what the point of that is I’m not certain but if you’re looking for a comfortable semi-matte lip I’d suggest the Revlon crayons any day of the week. I know one shade isn’t necessarily representative of an entire line and I’m sure this wont be my only forray in to the world of Charlotte Tilbury but for now I’m not quite getting the hype.

You can watch this video to see the application/wear as well as Nars, Estee Lauder, YSL and Tom Ford put to the test..

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