When Glamour Base / MONTH IN MASKS

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IMG_8806Before we get in to another mask I just want to chat for a second. I’ve been considering a reboot of my blog for a while, I don’t feel like it’s evolved much in 6 years and like any relationship if you don’t grow together, you grow apart. I love YouTube but I still really enjoy scrolling through blogs in the evening while I’m watching TV too. I’ve realised what I want from a blog has changed, I like the aesthetics more than the wordy reviews and I’ve decided to make a move towards more of a photo blog format for my blog content. I’ll get in to it in another post but I thought I’d put out some feelers and ask for your opinions. I enjoy taking pictures and often a paragraph is all you need for a beauty review as the pictures often do the talking for you. In spite of that I can have a post in drafts for months because I can’t find enough to say about something. I’d like to share those things with the snippets I do want to say rather than leave them unpublished indefinitely and so you might see some more picture heavy, quick fire reviews coming your way soon!

IMG_8809But enough about that, I literally couldn’t sleep last night (partly because of the referendum) and partly because I’d found the domain name I wanted and didn’t dare sleep until I’d bought it, haha. Of all the masks I’ve tried recently I think this has been my favourite, there’s another very different peel off mask I have coming up that was VERY interesting and entirely unique but this is the one that made my skin SING. I am totally in love with these When masks, the super thin bio cellulose gels stay so close to the skin and I really feel like I’m getting more from it than any other mask. The Glamour Base isn’t one I’d have reached for because I NEVER use a mask before applying my makeup but one Friday morning when I had a couple of hours at home before work I decided to give it a whirl and O.M.G it is amazing! My skin was so soft I had everyone at work stroking , haha.. this happened, I swear! Baby’s bottom soft! My makeup applied better over top of whatever magic this thing did and my face felt so fresh. I have a trip to the states booked in August (another thing I’ll talk about later because I’m barely containing my excitement right now) and top of my shopping list is a bumper pack of these masks!!


NARS Audacious / Grace

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IMG_8750I picked this up last time I was in Leeds and in need of a shopping fix. I had the entire of the Harvey Nicks beauty hall to choose from but something about the NARS counter always calls out to me. A posh lipstick gives me that ‘treat yourself’ hit without breaking the bank but I still like to take my time choosing a colour. I was there for so long swatching and looking at my phone (online swatches) that I must have been approached 4 or 5 times by different people working there before I settled on what I wanted. I was TEMPTED to try a gloss since I’ve been dabbling lately but when it comes to it.. lipstick always wins.

Beauty blogs were a buzz with these Audacious lipsticks.. I want to say last year but was it the year before?!? Naming them after women/people is always a smart idea, I know if there was a lipstick with my name on it I’d buy 10! Unfortunately nobody’s making a lipstick called Mikhila anytime soon (unless I am approached to do just that *nudge nudge*) so I had to settle with Grace. It wasn’t chosen for any reason other than I liked the colour, a bright pinky summer red, however my daughter does have Grace in her name so.. let’s say that’s why I chose it.


The formula is BEAUTIFUL! It’s so very pigmented and bold, the swatch above is just one swipe. One major issue I’ve had with it however is bleeding. I’ve been on a bit of a vampire movie kick recently (watched all 5 Twilight Movies in 24 hours – perfectly normal) but I’m not in to looking like an extra and this gives me a super fuzzy lip line after only a couple of hours without a heavy duty lip liner. The creamy, comfortable texture sounds great but you still can’t beat matte lipsticks for a crisp lip line all day.

Would I buy another? Yes, but I might choose something more neutral so bleeding is less of an obvious issue. I do love this colour though, excellent with a touch of mascara, brow gel and a tan! – BUY ONLINE HERE – *CURRENTLY 15% OFF AT FEEL UNIQUE*

Cucumber Peel Off Mask / MONTH IN MASKS

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IMG_8779Slightly behind sheet masks that actually stick to your face would be peel off masks that peel off in one piece if I were to rank them by preference. The Superdrug masks are GREAT for this! Cheap and cheerful some may say at under £5 a pop but also incredibly effective. You get a lot of bang for your buck from Superdrug’s own skincare range on the whole in my experience. I’m already a huge fan of the Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel Off Mask from them and if I had to pick just one favourite that would probably be it – find my review of that here – but if you’re looking for something a little more refreshing and gentle than tingly and exfoliating then this might be the one for you.

IMG_8921You can never go wrong with a cucumber scented anything in the Summer and since we’ve lost the sun I thought I’d replace that sunshine feeling with some sunshine products instead. It smells fresh, the gel texture is cooling and once peeled away my skin feels smooth and refreshed. Some peel off masks can leave me feeling dry and tight but this is surprisingly hydrating so I’d say perfect for the summer and again a great alternative to the other I’m always recommending if you have more sensitive skin – glycolic acid isn’t for everyone.


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