The Thing About Blogging Is..

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It used to be fun.

Do you remember that? People used to blog.. FOR FUN! Perhaps there were a few business minded, savvy bloggers who knew it could lead to something more but for the most part everyone started out because it was something they genuinely enjoyed. There was no pressure, nobody cared about stats beyond the page counter in your sidebar and NOBODY was getting paid. Money complicates EVERYTHING. Whether it be from the bloggers side (temptation to lie for pay) or the readers side (resentment and suspicion) money is what changed blogging, there’s no question.

I don’t really like to blog about blogging because I don’t feel like it’s an interesting subject for the average reader but whether you write a blog or not you know something is different. It’s a much talked about subject on social media, the changing landscape and whether blogging is a dying media and honestly? I don’t know. Once upon a time I said I thought YouTube had a shelf life for me but that I’d blog forever, these days I feel quite the opposite. Blogs are losing their personality, whether it’s because the blogger is bored or the content is too frequently sponsored there are only a handful of blogs I still visit for anything beyond product swatches.

Those I do enjoy tend to fall in to the family/lifestyle category rather than beauty and so in turn that’s the direction my own site has taken. I still love beauty but I can’t pretend to be interested enough in one single lipstick to write 3 paragraphs about it anymore. It feels forced and as I get older I’m really not into faking ANYTHING. I’d rather write about experiences and my life than what I’m wearing on my face and that’s what I’d rather read about too. Some things are just easier to chat about than they are to type up and my latest beauty favourites are a perfect example.

I don’t think about money when I blog anymore, I share what I like and if ad revenue comes in then great but I don’t feel that pressure to post daily or to post what will be popular, it’s not a factor. I totally lost interest in the whole thing last year (as I’ve spoken about at length before) but after really thinking about why I realised it wasn’t fun anymore. It’s hard to get that back once your hobby has become your job but it’s only a great job if you still love doing it!

Hopefully you still have blogs you enjoy reading, if you have any lifestyle favourites/parenting blogs you want to recommend I’d love to hear from you.. and if you write a blog, don’t forget why you started!

Seeing Red

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We’re days away from September which in my household kicks off the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN (don’t shoot) so all I can think about right now is red accents and black outfits. I just picked up the H&M bomber jacket (inspired by Aria’s jacket on this weeks PLL) and I’m a biscuit away from biting the bullet on the Gucci bag that I’ve lusted after for an age after reading it’s being discontinued!!!  I kicked my candle addiction in January after repainting my living room and being horrified at the soot on the walls but I’ve recently fallen back in love with burning my B&BW favourites and would LOVE to finally try something from Diptyque. I don’t think I could actually spend £50 on a full size candle (literally burning money) but I might try a mini one. I’ve really enjoyed summer this year more than I usually do, the weather has been pretty good for England but I’m ready for Autumn now. Prepare yourself for some vampy lip and nail posts coming your way very soon..

We got back from New York on Thursday but I’ve spent most of the time since then helping my parents to sort out their house to put on the market so I haven’t settled in to my blogging routine yet but I have a TON of holiday pictures to share. If you haven’t already seen it, my first NYC vlog has gone up and I’ve been filling up my instagram feed with some of my favourite shots so if you want to see what we got up to in the meantime you can check those out. Did I mention we’re going to be moving in to a new house WITH my Mum & Dad? I know I’ve talked about it in vlogs but I don’t know whether I have here.. As we get closer to the move I will a little more as I’ve had a LOT of questions and opinions about the decision both online and in real life. Given that I know we will be packing up again in the (hopefully) not too distant future I should PROBABLY not be buying ANYTHING new… BUT.. 😉

Magnetic Palettes From FREEDOM

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I’m just about as excited as I could be about this launch! I am obsessed with all things custom/personalised so magnetic makeup palettes have been a long time love of mine but so few brands have done it really well and NONE in the affordable beauty arena. There have been some which piqued my interest in the past but I can safely say this is the best yet. I thought I’d share swatches of the available eyeshadows first as this is the largest category and the one i assume most will be immediately interested in but DO NOT discount the blush, contour and highlight selection.. for me that’s what makes this range special. I’m not HUGE on eyeshadow so I could have a couple of basics then load up on blush and highlight powders.. feels all the more custom, all the more ME.





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The empty palette itself is £5, each cheek/face pan is £3 and each eyeshadow pan is £2. They come individually boxed with a small holder inside to keep your single pans safe when they’re not in the palette – useful. Every pan has its own shade info on the underside so you will never lose track of which is which (a VERY welcome addition I wasn’t honestly expecting) and the palette in general feels a little more substantial than the average pre-filled shadow palette, it also has a handy mirror in the lid. This is a major launch for the brand and for it to kick off with SO many refill options is insane, I’d say I can’t wait to see what they add to the palette system range but I’m a bit lost as to what they could. I’ll post about the highlights next week when I’ve recovered from my jet lag and can think straight again as I think they’re my favourite refills but for now I hope this is useful for those of you who plan to spend the next however many hours narrowing down the shades for your own palette.


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