PS…PRO / Prep & Perfect Primers

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IMG_8765I’ve never been big on primers, I don’t like adding anything between my skin and my foundation when it can already be SO oily. As I age (it happens to the best of us) I’m realising my bare skin isn’t providing the flawless base it once did. Between areas of dryness, fine lines and more visible pores I could stand to at least try out some of the fixes available and these three from Primark are an affordable (£5 each) option for anyone experimenting with Primers, like me.

IMG_8767The Miracle primer is much like Benefits Porefessional, thicker and silicone based to smooth over an uneven surface and give you a smoother base to apply your makeup on top of. I see the benefit of these but they’re my least favourite, I don’t like the heavy texture, I think this again comes down to my oily skin and silicone feeling a little greasy to my touch.

The Mattifying Primer is a light, gel texture that sets quickly and does do something to absorb oil. I’m not sure it does much else to make my skin look or feel nicer but its something I’d apply over my tzone and chin if I was attempting to control shine. As is I’ve only found one product that really works for that but it also really dries out my skin.. can’t have it all.

IMG_8771Finally the Illuminating gel is again very light and I don’t feel that it adds anything unwanted to my oily skin so if you’re looking for radiance that doesn’t just look like shine this might be right up your street. Added to foundation I think it adds a lovely sheen but worn underneath for me is pointless. Alone on bare skin it’s pretty though.

So they’re the PS.. Pro Primers. I’ve been pretty impressed by the new, posher Primark makeup range so far and if you’d like to see the entire collection I swatched them all in this video

Always A Good Idea?

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NEW YORK EMPIRE STATE BUILDING OBSERVATORYMy favourite holiday destination is New York, no question. If I had to choose one place to visit for the rest of my life that would be it. I love the atmosphere, that there’s so much to do and it’s constantly changing as well as the residential feel you get from a city filled with tourists. In an ideal world I’d go for months at a time and maybe one day I will but as is I will settle for 5 day weeks as and when I can.

We very recently decided to book a last minute trip for next month and it’s the first time we’re taking the kids along with us. I’m beyond excited having only ever visited during the winter months as it will be a totally different trip in the summer but the decision met some very divided opinions as to whether or not it’s a child friendly holiday. If New York is always a good idea then how could anyone suggest that it might not be right for the whole family?

LOEB CENTRAL PARK BOAT HOUSE Now I do understand where they’re coming from to a point. We had considered taking the kids away to New York earlier this year but were worried about the flight and the sleeping arrangements however when we were away in May their behaviour was impeccable and suddenly a whole new world of family travel seemed possible. I’ve experienced reactions from ‘oh I wouldn’t take my children’ and ‘I wouldn’t have wanted to go to New York when I was 10’ to ‘you’re selfish for taking them somewhere just because you want to go’. My guess in most of these situations is that these people have either never been themselves or only experienced a very small element of what is on offer because there really is so much that I think my children will enjoy.

BROOKLYN BRIDGEI am not a ‘beach holiday person’, I don’t want to spend thousands of pounds to sit by a pool but that’s a very popular choice so I understand why if that was yours you might think I’m out of my mind for wanting to walk around a city all day but that’s what I enjoy. I love America and if this trip goes well I’d like to explore more of it with my kids. People take babies halfway across the world on insanely long haul flights, that’s my idea of hell but I would commend them for it and wish them luck, I wouldn’t tell them it was a terrible idea or suggest that they were putting their child through an unecessary ordeal! They want to travel as a family and they have the confidence to do it, brilliant!

NEW YORK CROSSING TIMES SQUARE MIDTOWNNew York is not just shopping , there are parks everywhere, museums, candy cafes, a boating lake that I’m very excited will not be frozen over this time, bikes to ride around Central Park, carousels, ball games, TWO zoos, the Coney Island fun fair, boat trips around Manhattan, the two huge toy stores have now closed which I’m super disappointed about because I always dreamed I’d take them one day but hey, I’m taking them now before anything else shuts down! Don’t get me wrong we’re going because I want to go.. if that makes me selfish I’ll take it but the comments I’ve received (predominantly in real life, we’re not talking internet trolls here) have made me even more determined to make this our best family holiday yet.

NEW YORK OUTFIT UNION SQUAREI think the thing is that New York (and by extension any city break) is not for everyone. If you like to come home feeling relaxed and refreshed you might want to look elsewhere but my kids are excited to visit somewhere I’ve talked about for years. The little one is looking forward to the landmarks and the hotel pool (of course) and the eldest is 90% in it for the American candy but I will be the most excited of all and that enthusiasm will push my tolerance and patience to an all time high. I will be able to deal with any melt down that comes my way (she hopes) because we’ll be in my favourite place in the world and I’ll be sharing it with my favourite people. For me New York IS always a good idea, I understand why it might not be for you but just let me have it and prepare your ‘told you so’s’ for when i come back and tell you what a terrible idea it was making my 4 year olds first flight an 8 hour trip across the pond..

Oh and if you still aren’t convinced look at this idyllic family home movie by Love Taza..

A very realistic glimpse at what our holiday will definitely be like 😉

Golden Hues / Giveaway

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IMG_0210I would imagine a few of you finding this post have been directed from todays YouTube video, if so feel free to stick around and browse but if you just want to enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know your favourite Makeup Revolution product. The giveaway is open to all ages who have consent/no longer need it to give your personal information (ie: address) to me if you win and internationally too.. woo! For those who have not found this via YouTube, apologies for the abrupt intro. Makeup Revolution have generously offered up a HUGE prize of every one of their best selling products (which you can see in this video) for me to giveaway to one you lucky lot. So if you want to enter go ahead but if you’re here for the swatches, go right ahead.

IMG_0228I was completely obsessed with the original Golden Sugar Palette from Revolution a couple of years back – you can see it worn in this post –  so I was rather excited to discover they’d revamped it and launched a second version. It’s similar to the first but with a bit of a colour injection. The original was sheeny and glowy and everything I love but this has a little more variety so it may be a more versatile option. Nothing’s too frosty of full of glitter but the golden hues will be beautiful against a summer tan.

IMG_0222The I Heart Makeup Chocolate Vice palette flew totally under my radar so it was a lovely surprise to receive it along with the other best sellers shown in the video. It looks to be a dupe for the Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced with just a couple of shades missing so if you were unable to get that before it sold out this might be a great, more affordable alternative! I love peachy shades on the eyes in Summer.. they’re not always the most flattering against my pale winter skin but again with a tan (or a bit of bronzer) they just work!

You can watch my giveaway/best sellers video on YouTube here, the video was sponsored by Makeup Revolution

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