Wonderful Cushion Lip Creams

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These are some of the best liquid lipsticks I’ve tried in a long time! Following on from Monday’s post I thought I’d share some other new formulas I’ve been testing and having picked up one of these Wonderful Cushion lip creams in Paris last month I’m now desperate to complete the set. While I was visiting Lex shortly after she pulled out the few that she had from New York which I thought would make more of a post than my one but swatching them only make me need them more.



You would think from the applicator that you wouldn’t be able to get a crisp line but you absolutely can, the texture is almost like powder to the touch, totally comfortable and non-drying and best of all, it lasts. It lasts but when it does start to break down it wears away really evenly, almost to a stain. It’s such a great product that I am yet to discover a dupe for here in the UK that it made me doubly excited for the (apparently definitely happening) Sephora UK relaunch. Of course you can purchase from Sephora online and the shipping etc is all pretty reasonable these days however the US site seemed to be discontinuing this range – the French site, however still has all shades for €8.95 a pop and I think that’s where I’ll be ordering from.. just in case they’re not around when I return to New York in the New Year.

Posing in Paris

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img_0841I just found these pictures from last months whirlwind trip to Paris with Paul & Joe.. they were kindly taken by Michelle at TSNC when I decided I wanted to amp up my ‘style’ posts. We soon realised how out of our depth we were when a (we assumed) socialite appeared nearby and the waiting paparazzi were directing her to ‘walk around, up and down, side by side’ ..so we snapped some shots by the river and hoped for the best. Whenever I have the urge to push some style posts rather than just beauty this is always my stumbling block.. how do you stand? what do I do with my face? The very successful make it look EFFORTLESS, as if they’ve snapped beautiful photos in a moment between glamorous activities but don’t be fooled.. it’s tough! img_0865img_0839img_0838


These pictures also make me miss my LONG HAIR!!!! I love it short, so easy and I think it flatters my face (although makes me want to lose a few lbs – short hair is NOT slimming) but another fashion blogger discovery – hardly ANY of them have short hair!! I’ve been pinning like a mad woman since I started working on my ‘Finding My Style’ series and have found so few style bloggers with short hair it’s astounding.. obviously long locks are part of the outfit but I’m hoping I can find some inspiration somewhere.. if you can recommend anyone I’d love for you to leave me their link!!

Ten Under Five

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I know these posts are popular (and I understand why) but I put them off because it’s SO hard to whittle down 10 products.. today however it felt impossible to get 10 together!! There are 10, there are easily 10 but I didn’t want to feature one brand too heavily and I also only wanted to feature items I used and loved. So after more than an hour of digging around my collection I came up with these products to represent their price point and I’m very happy with the selection. All excellent, all well used and all entirely worth your money.. ONE that gets a lot of press from me came in at a shocking £1.50, another tipped the scale at £5 exactly.. regardless I hope that those of you who don’t already share these favourites or come away with a shopping list because you should all own these..

Revolution Iconic 3 Palette – £4.00

There are so many palette options from Makeup Revolution but this is my most used, a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 – see the comparison post here – the quality is fantastic and just cannot be beaten for the money.

Seventeen Eye Eye Shadow in Brown – £3.89

A totally overlooked range, this particular one is super pretty, sparkly without the fallout and a very wearable neutral that I’ve been reaching for a lot in the past few weeks, lovely over the top of either of the following..

H&M Colour Essence Eye Cream in Dauphine Truffle – £4.99

I’ve purchased quite a bit from H&M beauty and I’m noticing more items creeping in to my favourites recently, this is an easy smoky eye for me, I showed it in the post used in that way. Perfect for a grungy smudge of shadow with a hint of shimmer. I’ve tried other colours but none have grabbed me like this one.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo – ALL THE SHADES – £4.99

The colour I showed in the video was a limited edition US shade from the ‘leather effect’ collection but creamy beige is another matte brown I use a lot. They’re blendable, they don’t smudge once they set, they’re perfect as a base or to add depth to the lower lash line without fear of using a pencil that might travel all over your face during the day. One of my hero products.


H&M Colour Essence Eyeliner in Terroir – £3.99

I have Marnie (MsGoldGirl) to thank for my introduction to brown eyeliner. She said she believed a very dark coloured liner to be more universally flattering that black and I have to agree with her! I love this one, just as great to blend out and smudge as it is in my waterline and this particular shade is the darkest brown I have in my collection.

Seventeen Semi-Permanent Tattoo Me Liner – £4.99

The longest lasting liquid liner IN EXISTENCE.. I assume. It’s a bit fiddly, quite thick and a gloopy so not one I attempt a cat eye with as I can’t quite get that precise with it but if you like a flick-free liquid liner look, you have to try this! I have been swimming and come out with PERFECT eyeliner when wearing this, just the best.

Freedom Brow Pomade in Medium Brown – £5.00

I haven’t tried the Anastasia Dip Brow so I can’t compare the two (may pick one up to do just that though) however this is as nice as I need it to be. I can compare it to the Benefit one that launched this year, that is softer and more creamy to work with whereas this is drier and almost feels like a cream to powder hybrid but given that the shade range errs on the side of dark I think if they were very creamy you’d struggle to get a lighter application.. as is they’re quite versatile and since I embraced my dark roots I’ve been really enjoying this to give me more full, bold brows that don’t transfer.

Essence Lip Liner in Plumcake – £1.50

Another product I’ve no doubt bored you to tears with already but Essence make my favourite lip liners and this particular shade is the one I would run out and repurchase TODAY if I lost them all. It deepens up my favourite nude lipsticks but still works with my more seasonal plummy colours.. the formula is creamy but long lasting, just really excellent!


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair  – £4.19

A blogger favourite once upon a time, you don’t hear so much about it these days but it’s still a solid product. A high coverage, long lasting concealer for under £5 cannot be overlooked however it’s on the drier side so I wouldn’t use it areas that I felt it would settle in to fine lines or dryness.. perfect for brightening the inner corners, around the nose etc but I understand why so many bloggers have moved on from it as their skin has changed.. it’s more for the perfect/very youthful skin in my opinion.

Freedom Pro Highlight in Ambient – £3.00

Another one I know you’ll be fed up of me raving about, but it’s just so good. I very rarely use up a powder product but I’m around a third of the way in to my second one of these and the product only launched last year.. that’s a serious sign that this is excellent. If you’re not in to very frosty highlights and prefer something a little more diffused that gives a glow, a sheen.. this is for you! I could feasibly use it as a setting powder but as my skin is oily I know that glow is coming my way by lunch time anyway..

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