Volume Million vs Volume Reveal

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 Those of you who watch my videos will likely know of my love for the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, if I were to choose only one that would be it and for a long time I did. I realised recently that being so enamoured with one single product probably wasn’t conducive with beauty blogging and so I picked up a couple I recognised as ‘new’ to review. I tend to like Bourjois offerings and have always enjoyed L’Oreal’s Volume Million range so these were no brainers but I hadn’t expected them to be so different.


The Bourjois Volume Reveal is very soft, after applying I realised the word ‘reveal’ was likely code for ‘natural beauty’ as it does offer a little oomph but nothing like the volume I’m used to. It doesn’t flake or transfer and has a very handy magnifying mirror on the side of the tube.. But it’s not something I’d reach for often. I like quick, thick lashes and for me that box is tIcked by L’Oreal Volume Million every time. The Fatale version has less definition but I don’t miss it. It’s reminded me that there are other mascara’s out there that I love and to delve in to my collection more often and mix it up.


Girlfriend Jeans

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Do you remember when skinny jeans were new and we all thought they were a passing fad? I took a LONG time to embrace that fad, living in my baggy, low slung boyfriends jeans far beyond a time when they were still ‘cool’ so it’s completely mad that I now find looser fit jeans so uncomfortable. I say uncomfortable but in actual fact they are the MOST comfortable jeans.. they’re like pyjamas, but I feel strange wearing them after so long in their figure hugging friends.



It’s taking some getting used to but I’ve been wearing them as my week day, school run uniform and loving the easy pull on and casual feel, I’m still not quite ready to feel dressed up in looser jeans but I think that’s going to be a matter of finding the RIGHT pair. The ones I have are maybe a size too big and the rips at the knee are already destroyed but I’m not giving up on them just yet.

Here are a few I have my eye on..







Have you found your fit yet?

Metallics, For Fall? Groundbreaking

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It’s official, these are the only foil nail colours you need this season and they’re a teeny tiny £1.99 a pop. I’m not usually a fan of foil finishes to WEAR but I’m ALWAYS a fan of them to apply. No matter the brand they tend to be one coat opaque and super quick drying and these are no exception. Okay, so they’re not BETTER than Essie but they’re also no worse and they’re a good chunk change cheaper so if I had to choose they would get my vote. Not particularly chip resistant (but nor are the more expensive formula’s I’ve tried) and you’ll need a nice top coat if you like a shiny finish but if you’re running late or have a last-minute party to attend and have 5 minutes to paint your nails, these are what you want!

L-R / Purple, Copper, Silver, Gold (originally named)

Available online here or at your local Superdrug for £1.99 each, the new Wonder Metal polishes are worth a look if you’re thinking about trying a foil effect or looking to add a fast drying formula to your nail collection this Autumn!

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