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IMG_0819Earlier this week I visited Lex in London and since she’s just taken up regular YouTubing we decided to film a couple of videos together. One was a haul – watch here – and having rummaged through her makeup collection I thought lipstick was the obvious next choice. I picked out some of my favourite lip products that we happened to both own.. it’s a bit bizarre how much overlap there was actually and we talked through them all, why we chose them, why we wear them, why we’d recommend them.

IMG_0811These swatches are all over the place, they were just for the video and I decided to post them here as well so apologies that there’s no order and they’re not neater but hopefully you still get the jist.

LEFT TO RIGHT – Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ole Flamingo / Collection Creme Puff in Candy Floss / L’Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Blake’s Red / Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious (or Unapologetic) / Rimmel Kate Moss 107 / Maybelline Colour Drama Pencil in In With Coral / Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob / Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet (or Raspberry Pie) / Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock / Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer in Velvet Rebel

I have a really hard time narrowing down lipsticks so this was a great way of doing it and it’s always lovely to have someone to film with too.. although since I’m used to filming solo I am the WORST for talking over people.. hopefully the more I do it the quicker I’ll be to break that habit but it’s worth a watch if for no other reason than to introduce yourself to Lex!

48hrs in London

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IMG_0866I’ve hardly been down to London this year, I think my last visit for work was back in February so to spend 2 days there in 1 week is rare to say the least. Since my train home on Monday was late and the return on Tuesday was early the lovely Lex (TalontedLex) offered up her sofa to save me the travel. We of course made the most of my night in London by going home early and watching Greys Anatomy, after doing next to nothing on our to do list that day so we tried to be productive and snap some outfit shots before the downpour on Tuesday.. I was in town for a video shoot in the afternoon and I was DRENCHED when I finally arrived at the studio!

IMG_0777IMG_0785We visited Bills for lunch, I always end up there no matter how many alternatives there are. We ended up walking further than we needed to thanks to Google Maps not suggesting the closest restaurant however it turned out to be a happy accident when we spotted Renee Zellweger walking past the window. I NEVER see anyone exciting in London so that was a turn up and every Thursday my boss asks me if I’ve met any celebrities this week (It’s a running joke that I think stemmed from an event I intended a few years ago) so today I will have a story for him.

IMG_0848I’m totally obsessed with this jumpsuit from H&M, it was the perfect outfit for the humid weather and when it rained i didn’t feel under-dressed.. I DID however rip the legs once they were wet, I kept tripping up on them so THAT’S annoying. I will try to fix them but regardless I will wear it again because it was just so comfy. Great for night or day and I think it’s really flattering too. I’m wearing the same sandals I showed you here that are also incredibly comfortable, if you’re looking for flats you can walk 30,000 (according to my iPhone)  steps in in 48 hours with no blisters these are worth their weight in gold.. but are actually only £25

IMG_0833IMG_0829IMG_0870If you’ve ever attempted to take outfit pictures yourself you will know how awkward it is.. this is my favourite photo.. it was entirely my idea and yet my face says ‘why are you making me do this ridiculous thing?’

My new favourite travel bag combination is a backpack and a crossbody, I want my overnight/carry on stuff in my backpack for comfort and my purse/valuables/regularly reached for items in a smaller bag close to hand. It was ideal when we went to Disneyland and it’s what I plan to carry in New York. Especially useful when you’re travelling with kids and need water bottles and baby wipes with you but don’t want a great big heavy bag on your shoulder all day. I found this Marc By Marc Jacobs mini backpack on sale a few months ago, it’s lightweight, fits my laptop and generally the perfect size for an overnight trip or a daytime family travel bag.



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IMG_0613I used to film videos for my ‘vlog channel’ called KhiFlix, the general premise being to chit chat about what shows I was watching and to gather new recommendations from like-minded telly-addicts. I haven’t done one for ages but they’ve been requested so I thought what I might do instead is a blog version and see how you guys like it.. if at all.

I watch A LOT of TV, I can’t watch while I’m writing or editing.. or of course filming but while I import, export, edit pictures, TAKE pictures, clean the house, put away clothes, cook, BATHE.. pretty much every other waking hour, I’m watching TV. Because I work from home 3 out of 5 days that’s a lot of potential TV time so I’m always on the look out for new shows to watch but it’s been a bit quiet on that front recently so I’m currently rewatching (thanks, Netflix) some of my old favourites..

The Vampire Diaries

If you are into the Supernatural and a strong romantic subtext I think you’ll love this. It’s not TOO teeny, of the 3 major Vampire franchises, Twilight, True Blood and TVD I’d slot it in the middle, with Twilight feeling very much younger and True Blood being VERY adult. Think Twilight episode 4.. the one with the wedding/honeymoon/sex. The story initially focuses on 2 main characters who are drawn together but opens up to so much more, a much better show than I had imagined it would be and I’m almost halfway through a second run. The spin off ‘The Originals’ doesn’t really grab me in the same way and the later seasons of TVD aren’t really either but it’s still worth a watch if you want something with a lot of seasons to binge on.

Pretty Little Liars

Much as with the above it’s young but I think this one is a bit TOO young for most over 25’s. I fall in to that category but would still happily watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch if it was on so my taste isn’t perhaps the most sophisticated to begin with but if you like a bit of light thriller action you might like this. The theme here is mystery, someone is missing and the main cast receive texts from an anonymous source with clues about her disappearance. I think we’re in season 7 now and again they’re kind of losing me at this point but up to about season 5 it was really good.. another show I’ve watched at least twice all the way through.

Greys Anatomy

This isn’t on UK Netflix, I’m watching it on Sky box sets.. Can you believe I’d never seen it? The first couple of seasons.. maybe 3 actually had me wanting more and desperate to watch the next episode but I’m in season 5 now and just watching them as and when between other shows. It’s a medical drama but again there’s a strong romantic storyline which is generally what keeps me hooked so possibly why right now I don’t feel that way as there’s nothing really happening in that department. There are SO many seasons to catch up on and they’re still making it so if you’re looking to fill a TV void this could be your guy!

Gossip Girl

I started rewatching this one because of our upcoming trip to New York.. I’m realising I’m probably ‘too old’ to be watching everything but Greys so far but hey, I don’t really care! This is a similar idea to PLL in that there’s an anonymous source posting information and nobody knows how they got it or who they are. There are some really dodgy plots in some parts but it did keep drawing me back in and I’ve watched and rewatched several times. I love the Blair/Serena relationship but there’s another I like more which I can’t mention because *spoiler* and I’m not that guy! Oh and in the end you do find out who Gossip Girl is and it’s way more satisfying than finding out who A is in PLL.. that was AWFUL!

Beauty & The Beast

I’m going to be quick with this one because as far as I know there’s nowhere you can watch it in the UK. I used to have access to dodgy US Netflix before they cracked down on that (thanks, Netflix) and every time I’ve found it on UK TV it’s been midway through a season and I hate that so I’m buying them on iTunes a bit at a time. It’s a remake of the 80s series by the same name in which a female cop falls in love with a ‘beast’ and they solve crimes together. That’s a very basic synopsis but the love story here is EPIC! I can’t get enough of it and I’ve only seen 2 seasons, can’t wait for season 3 to be released on iTunes but if you have access to it wherever you are I would HIGHLY recommend you give it a watch!

That’s everything I’ve been watching recently.. I could write pages and pages (or scrolls and scrolls might be more accurate on a computer?) about my all time favourites but nobody has time, do they? If you’d like a regular TV share here on my blog let me know, I never want to give away too much so I know it’s all very vague but more of a quick recommendation that an in-depth review.Of course I’d love to know what you’re watching right now too.. always looking for something new!

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