Hydrate & Shine This Winter

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img_9677I’m so used looking for hair products that focus on repairing damage that I’m a little out of my depth now that my hair doesn’t need that anymore. Since I grew out my colour and chopped it short I’ve discovered my NATURAL hair is actually very fine and won’t stay clean for more than 12 hours. I’m washing my hair every day for the first time ever and almost scared of conditioner or any product that might leave a residue or weigh it down. When I received the new Nutrifier range from L’Oreal I thought ‘I’ll try it but it’s going to be too heavy for me’ but so far I’ve found it to be the perfect balance between squeaky clean and deep conditioned leaving me with shiny hair that doesn’t feel like I have product in it at all. The shampoo is the initial star because it’s what gives me that super clean feeling but the mask is really the ‘ooooh’ product. I use it on the very ends where I do still have remnants of bleach hiding under my last colour and it smooths those dry areas without making my hair look dull.

img_9700The leave in treatments are just as light and perfect to prep my blow dry or after leaving my hair to dry naturally to add some shine and to de-frizz. Overall it’s a really hydrating range, perfect for Winter since although I don’t want to use too many products it’s FREEZING out there and just as my skin needs moisture, so does my hair. The products contain glycerol which I BELIEVE is in place of silicones.. it provides that same protective layer without so many of the nasties. That being said I have nothing against silicones personally so long as I’m getting the desired results.. it’s just a nice to know. There’s also coconut oil which we all know is some wonder from the gods where hair is concerned so.. bonus! It’s one of the only lines made for damage  that I’ve found to work really well for my less damaged hair after a year of nursing it back to health so if yours is fine and a bit blah (like mine) but you want a little something extra for the colder months I’d recommend you give this a go!

Available online here

The New Elf On The Shelf

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img_1362So you’re all bored to tears by the regurgitated Elf On The Shelf posts popping up on Facebook and instagram this week, right? You may have taken a moment before you clicked on this post to decide whether you really needed to see any more of the little guy, well be glad you took the blue pill ’cause this is entirely new. Assuming you’re familiar with LUSH’s ‘FUN’ playdough style soap for the kids, they have revamped it for Christmas in a few different combinations.. one of which is ELF ON THE SHELF


So much more fun than regular playdough since you can take it in the bathtub with you and use it as soap.. also does the job of getting their hands super clean when they come to rinse the residue away after playtime. So much more fun that regular soap since it’s in the shape of your little dough model.. with the festive benefit of Christmas colours!!

img_1401One thing we did learn (the hard way) is that these little dough creatures won’t last long left on the side after making them.. Milo wanted to keep his rather than use him in the bath and when he came to look for him the next day he was a pile of goo.. messy and not fun to clean up so they are definitely more for the bath than the kitchen table but Oh what FUN we had 😉

A bundle of FUN is available for £5.95 in various colours

Only One Matte

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This was quite an exciting Rimmel launch for this matte lip lover, I wanted to post the swatches straight away BUT not all lipsticks in a range are always created equal and I wanted to give them a good test run first. I’m happy to say that I didn’t find a dud in the entire collection.. all beautifully creamy, opaque in that new hybrid ‘modern matte’ way. You could compare them to the Revlon Matte Balms in texture if you’re looking for a point of reference but I prefer a lipstick in a bullet and the shade range is a little better here too.

img_9803-copyMy favourites are Salute, High Flyer, Take The Stage & The Matte Factor but really.. I’d wear them all providing I could find a matching lip liner – it’s 2016, nobody’s wearing lipstick without a lipliner, right? A recent launch that genuinely deserves the hype, these lipsticks are £6.99 each and are currently on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots – SHOP HERE

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