Love/Hate Liquid Lipsticks

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I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks but as with everything there’s the good, the bad and the UGLY. Today I’m sharing 4 of the newer formula’s I’ve tried in mini-review form..

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II

I have a few of these now and can’t quite make up my mind about them.. if you like a drier formula that lasts, they’re great but you need to apply a very thin layer to get the optimum finish and I do find that they wear away from the centre of my lips in a not so attractive way.. but that’s the case with most matte products. Great shade selection and available in the UK now.. win!

NYX Lingerie in Teddy

I was so excited to try this as I’d heard great things but this is maybe my least favourite formula.. ever. It’s SO dry, INCREDIBLY dry and I need a heavy duty eye makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day. The colours are great, so many shades of ‘nude’ but I just cannot get along with lipstick that feels like cement. It’s a no from me.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Electric Pink & Orange Shot 

These fall in to that ‘modern matte’ category that for a long time I shunned because really.. it’s not matte at all but they definitely have their place. They’re as far removed from the NYX Lingerie as could be, very comfortable, never totally set/feel at all dry but they still have that bold, opaque colour that we love from a liquid lipstick. I still prefer a matte to be matte but I would buy more of these.


It used to be just base and mascara that I felt were completely subjective products that you can’t really rely on a review for but as the world of lipsticks expands they’re definitely falling in to that category. There are so many products calling themselves ‘matte liquid lipsticks’ these days that are COMPLETELY different that until you get it on your lips you really have no way of knowing the texture but I will continue to buy each and everyone.. I’m doing it for you, you understand.

Finding My Style..

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ZARA LEATHER JACKETLast week I was about to take on the regular task of ‘decluttering’ my wardrobe and swapping out my seasonal stuff when I wondered.. why do I have to do this so often? I came to the conclusion it was because I really don’t know my style. I buy things because I like them on the hanger, I like the ‘idea’ of them or of course I’ve seen them on someone else who always looks fabulous. I don’t want to admit how many of these items remain unworn and passed on to friends or donated because they just aren’t ME. I don’t often try things on, I online shop more than I schlep to town and I rarely make returns because I’m lazy. I pick up comfy looking sweatshirts and skinny jeans and as soon as it gets cold (this week) I live in them but they’re hardly the chic choice, are they?



So there I was in my sweatshirt faced with a wardrobe full of regret and I decided that 30 might be a good time to start thinking a little more about how I dress my body, what I like and what (more importantly) likes me. I’ve filmed declutters in the past in the hope they will be motivational but this time I’m going to film a series of videos on my attempt to find me own personal style and learning to shop a little smarter. I’ve created a Pinterest board for the ‘new me’ which you can see (follow?) here and if there any of you who feel totally lost in your own closet then might I suggest you join me along the way?

It’s going to be a long process but i would imagine at very least the first steps will be quick so expect regular updates over the next month.. I’m gearing up to Black Friday really and adding some of the items I think I’m missing over that major shopping weekend but (I hear) personal style is an evolution so I guess I could be at this a while.. my main struggle so far is shopping anywhere other than H&M.. I swear, I’m trying but they just GET me..

Starry Starry Nails

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I’m back with another nail art attempt today! I’ve tried this a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that it really is pretty fool proof no matter how you do it. I start with a black base coat and sponge on different colours, a metallic adds nice depth but really just whatever you’re in to. Then a few white dots (varying sizes) and I paint a cross over the largest on each nail. Super easy.. BUT  if you’d like a visual step by step you can watch THIS VIDEO!

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