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IMG_0399I’m thinking of making these round ups a weekly thing.. I know it’s not groundbreakingly (totally a word) original but sitting down once a week and reflecting on what has happened, what you’ve been enjoying etc.. I think I’d like that. So here goes..


It was our anniversary this weekend so we went away to Rudding Park Hotel in harrogate – absolutely beautiful hotel which we’d revisit in a heart beat! We booked through Secret Escapes and it was a BARGAIN! We went to Leeds for the day on Saturday (post of shopping.. more to come on that) and yesterday we wandered around Harrogate.. not a lot going on there, or at least where we went anyway.

I’ve been moving the very last bits out of the old house this week and have a man with a van coming on Wednesday to bring the bigger items we’d been putting off moving until there was space in the garage – which now my Dads shed has been built there will be. Ella’s bed should arrive today along with a foot stool I ordered in the sales on BOXING DAY (take your time, why don’t you?) and I will finally be able to put her room together and organise everything. Today should be a busy one.


I haven’t unplugged from La La Land since I downloaded it.. I’m still hoping to find someone to see it with a third time but if needs be I may go it alone, I just loved it. Milo is still very much enjoying the soundtrack too. I did however discover the most hilarious podcast this week ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ – so many people suggested this to me and I’m so glad they did, not one to listen to without your headphones but the funniest thing I’ve listened to in AGES!


We started watching Westworld this week, so late to the party I know but we’ve been waiting for it to be on catch up. Really unusual show but we’re enjoying it so far. Wayward Pines is another but that hasn’t grabbed me yet.. if you remember ‘The Village’ from 2004, it’s basically a TV adaptation of that. I’m finally up to date with Elementary which has been my binge watching ‘background’ show for the past few weeks so I’ve returned to my old faithful Pretty Little Liars which I’m watching from the beginning again. Totally my guilty pleasure at (almost) 31 but I just love it.


My birthday is usually about a week after our anniversary (always actually, what a coincidence) so hitting the double Saturday jackpot this year I am hoping to go out for dinner and drinks on my actual birthday as well as head in to Leeds to collect the present Lee ordered for me when we were just there. I’m not melting down like people have suggested I might, they say if you don’t go mad on your 30th, your 31st will tip you over the edge but I’ve felt 35 since I was 21 so I’m kind of ok with it. I think 36 will be my melt down year. I’ve never really had any lofty aspirations and so I don’t ever look at my life and think ‘I should have achieved x by now’ – maybe that’s the secret?


Courgetti. It’s delicious. I actually thought I didn’t like courgette but I think that’s a throwback from childhood when my Mum put big chunks of the stuff in dishes in which I thought it didn’t belong. I added it to my meatballs and spaghetti last week and it was a hit with everyone, including my vegetable averse husband. Not sure I’m ready to replace the pasta altogether but I use a 50/50 ratio and was really happy with it!


This could be tied up in ‘doing’ I suppose but I felt it needed its own heading since it’s practically another language to me. Lee joined a gym a couple of weeks ago and has been really enjoying it. He’s been encouraging me to go with him but I’m not convinced. I wouldn’t mind shaping up a bit for our Easter holiday but I don’t know if I’m really a gym person.. are any of you in to it? Any suggestions as to how a non-exerciser should get started? If at all? 😉

and that’s about it, I have a huge list of posts for you this week, including a look around our living room as it before I add to it, I’m trying to photograph as much of the house as I can early to serve as a good before/after comparison a year or so down the line. Hoping to get that finished this week but, ugh! It means tidying up!!

The One Where I Succumbed To The Sales

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IMG_0244 copy

I have been SO good to avoid the post Christmas sales, We did our annual Boxing Day trip out and I was remarkably restrained, buying only a pair of pyjamas and slippers (and a coffee machine but that was FOR THE FAMILY) and I’m not sure I shopped at all online! But with my birthday coming up (on the 4th) the urge to splurge has hit me hard this week. I thought I’d share some of my late sale purchases as most are still available and having tried everything on I’ve chalked it up as the most successful shopping week of all time because I’m keeping everything.. unheard of. I’ve tried to link what I can below as well as some alternatives for those of you looking for payday inspiration 😉 ..but if you’d like to see what I bought you can watch this

Topshop Patterned Blouse – Similar £32.00 / Topshop Airtex Pleat Skirt – £5.00 / Topshop Velvet Joni Jeans –  Similar £20.00 / ASOS Black Crewe Neck Sweater – 16.00 / New Look Grey Leopard Coat – £34.50 / Whistles Boyfriend Jeans – £57.00 / Dune Leopard Pointed Flats – £36.00 / Zara Glitter Fabric Flats – £7.99

Blogging For Fun.. Again

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IMG_0075 copyI have written so many times over the years about falling in and out of love with blogging but what it always came back to was obligation. Once your hobby becomes your job it is always going to lose an element of the fun. When Mode (a huge media agency who worked with online content creators) unexpectedly went bust last year many of us lost a regular income through ads running on our sites. It was pretty grim for the blogging community at the time but months later I have a clearer perspective and I’m remembering why I loved to blog all those years ago. At one point I was scheduling posts weeks in advance and was so driven and productive but I’d lost the connection to my audience. It’s the same with YouTube.. if I record, edit and upload a video in one day I can’t wait to read the comments and engage with the viewers but if I filmed that video a month ago I’m completely detached and if I’ve lost interest in it, why would anyone else be interested?

I’m not telling you that my blog will be ad free forever or that I will be avoiding all paid content from now on but since removing my banner ads and focusing more on engagement and readership than earnings I am enjoying posting more than I have in months.. maybe even years. I have started to read blogs again, I’ve lost myself for hours (usually at night when I should be sleeping) in old favourites that I haven’t read for the longest time. I rediscovered bloglovin’ and am checking my feed for new posts as often as I check instagram (and frequently double tapping images out of habit) as well as actively seeking out new sites to follow. I think Instagram ruined blogs for me, actually. ‘Micro-Blogging’ is quick, concise and involves no links or loading pages but nothing compares to reading a full post on a blog the writer has created.

I know some people believe that blogs are dead and sometimes if you repeat something enough it can become true – the power of suggestion is strong – but so long as there are bloggers blogging and people reading (no matter how few) blogs will be here.. providing money isn’t the driving factor and we remember why we started!

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