The Bardot

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 Bardot top, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.I have loved this style on so many people for so long but the fitted body and my mum tum didn’t feel like a good mix until I decided to just TRY IT ON. I’m an ‘Apple’ so I’m top heavy with slim legs and very little in the hips/bum department and tempting as it is to wear baggy tops and skinny jeans (my uniform) I’ve discovered that a fitted top actually balances me out much better. Because I AM conscious of my tummy (my last c-section left me with a little pooch that *I assume* no amount of sit ups will flatten) a high waisted skirt of pair of stiff jeans are essential to hold me in and give he illusion of a waist


 This is my second of this exact top (H&M of course) and I’ve been LIVING in them recently. They’re an all seasons staple as they’re almost totally covered while showing enough skin to feel Summery. Also massively flattering and chic while still feeling sexy without being in any way over exposed. Discovering the Bardot top has been like discovering the skater ‘fit and flare’ shape all over again, a life changing style moment.


Boots Buys

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Do you know what I went in to Boots for? ONE BLUSHER!! How does this happen? There were a million things I hadn’t seen ( and therefor needed) but here’s what I decided to pick up ‘for review purposes’..

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve Pink – £8.99

What I actually went in for.. considerably smaller than I’d expected. It’s a baked blush that I was hoping may rival my MAC mineralised powders.. so far I’m enjoying it but I think I need to pick up another before I can really compare. At £8.99 it’s not super cheap but still a good £10 less than the MAC equivalent

Collection Up To 7 Day Wear Nail Polish – £1.99

AMAZING! I picked this one up on a whim having totally fallen in love with ‘autumn neutrals’ recently (a natural progression from the sheer nudes of summer) and it is such a gorgeous colour. A deeper, mauvey beige that really does last longer than your average polish.. and a very reasonable £1.99

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Ole Caliente – £8.99

This was a sure fire hit as I’m already a fan of the formula but I love this colour. A bright poppy red/pink that is perfect for the Autumn season. A deeper, more classic pink that I just love in a long lasting, comfortable matte liquid lip.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creme De Nude & Fantasy – £4.99

Again a product I already own in multiple shades that I decided to pick up in extras.. I actually think I might have Creme De Nude already (that’s bad, right?) but Fantasy is a new one, a cool shimmer bronze. They’re some of the only cream shadows I really like, again long lasting, they don’t crease and the colour selection is awesome!


L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale in Black – £9.99

My favourite of the two mascara’s I picked up (spoiler alert! – post to come) it was no surprise I loved this as I’ve enjoyed most previous versions of the Volume Million collection. It’s adds volume quickly without being too clumpy and just WORKS for me.

YSL Vinyl Gloss Liquid Lipstick in 409 Burgundy Vibes – £26.00

Ahhh.. I was so excited to try this, I actually reviewed it a couple of days ago – here – but have since got my hands on a second so will be doing a follow up ‘wear and compare’ video to see how it holds up against the original as well as some lower cost alternatives. For now, I’m a fan of the new formula.

L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick in Oops I Pink It Again – £6.99

This is a strange one.. I THINK I heard some negative reviews about this early on but decided I needed to try it for myself and I’m glad I did. It’s a powder lip colour.. not sure how they can call it lipstick as it’s nothing like a lipstick but it’s a totally matte option for those looking for that. I have a feeling this will work best over a liner or satin lip colour.. will review soon.

Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara in Radiant Black – £9.99 (on offer at £6.99)

This one I’m still working with. It’s a much softer, more natural mascara compared to the L’Oreal which truth be told on me just doesn’t really do much. I have to really layer it to get much volume so for me it’s not really high impact enough but if you have naturall good lashes it might just give you the subtle oomph you want.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper Medium Dark – £5.99

I’ve been using this for about a week now and really like it but it’s not what I expected. I thought it would be a dupe for Benefit Gimme Brow but it doesn’t add anywhere near as much ‘volume’ or fibres to the brows. It’s more like a tinted mascara, very firm hold so if you don’t like the feeling of product in your brows this might not be for you.

So that’s my quick run down.. I will follow up with everything at some point whether it be in a video or a blog post but I thought I’d run through a little first impressions of everything for now in ‘haul’ form.. overall a pretty successful trip, I think.

The Bomber

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img_4611As I look through these photos I’m recalling the number of people who told me they hated this bomber jacket when I showed it on YouTube. One even vented about how much she disliked the 90s fashion revival altogether and I totally get it. That’s how I feel about cropped EVERYTHING. I don’t consider myself to be fashion forward and it usually takes me forever to warm to new trends (some I will just never understand) but I often feel this comes down to age and lifestyle. This bomber jacket for example, had I seen it in store I would have dismissed it immediately but I saw it on Poppy’s Style , a 40 plus style blogger and she looked GREAT. We share a love of all things H&M and I love her style so she totally inspired me to pick this up and I’m glad I did. It’s not very ‘me’ but if we totally disregard anything new style becomes so much less interesting, doesn’t it?

img_4618img_4620img_4621I’m never going to be an early adopter but I am going to make more effort to try things I wouldn’t usually. Once upon a time I thought skinny jeans were hilarious and totally unflattering and now I find it totally bizarre when try the new girlfriend styles.. Post on just that topic coming very soon!

In the meantime I will leave you with these photos of Emma and I rocking our ‘matching’ red bombers and feeling very girl gang/West Side Story to demonstrate that not only is fashion ageless but it also has no size. Whatever trend you wish you could wear right now, stop wishing and get out there and wear it.



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