The Bomber

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img_4611As I look through these photos I’m recalling the number of people who told me they hated this bomber jacket when I showed it on YouTube. One even vented about how much she disliked the 90s fashion revival altogether and I totally get it. That’s how I feel about cropped EVERYTHING. I don’t consider myself to be fashion forward and it usually takes me forever to warm to new trends (some I will just never understand) but I often feel this comes down to age and lifestyle. This bomber jacket for example, had I seen it in store I would have dismissed it immediately but I saw it on Poppy’s Style , a 40 plus style blogger and she looked GREAT. We share a love of all things H&M and I love her style so she totally inspired me to pick this up and I’m glad I did. It’s not very ‘me’ but if we totally disregard anything new style becomes so much less interesting, doesn’t it?

img_4618img_4620img_4621I’m never going to be an early adopter but I am going to make more effort to try things I wouldn’t usually. Once upon a time I thought skinny jeans were hilarious and totally unflattering and now I find it totally bizarre when try the new girlfriend styles.. Post on just that topic coming very soon!

In the meantime I will leave you with these photos of Emma and I rocking our ‘matching’ red bombers and feeling very girl gang/West Side Story to demonstrate that not only is fashion ageless but it also has no size. Whatever trend you wish you could wear right now, stop wishing and get out there and wear it.



YSL Vinyl Lip Cream / 409

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img_0394I will likely be following this up with a “wear and compare” with the original glossy stain formula but since it’s still shiny and new right now and I couldn’t resist picking one up last week I thought I’d be missing a trick if I didn’t post about it now. I found it really tough to choose between the new Vinyl Cream shades but decided on 409 since it was unlike anything I had in the original and a good Autumnal chose. I will almost certainly be going back for the dark nude that has been haunting me since it didn’t make the cut.  At £26 it’s not a throw away product but I was quick to try before reading too many reviews since I so loved the originals.

First impressions were not favourable as I (for some reason) was expecting something more satin.. I think it was the creamy tag because of course vinyl suggests uber shiny. Perhaps I was looking to find the difference between the two formulas and misunderstood the concept, either way I was a little disappointed. It’s not as opaque as I’d imagined I would be either, quite translucent in fact. The only really difference I can see is tat every shade in this range is a cream (ie: no shimmer) and the packaging has had an all back, sleek makeover.

ysl-vinyl-lip-cream-409 I, however was always a fan of the creamier glossy stains and sought them out over their frosty companions so although I realise it may sound like this  just didn’t hit the spot for me at all I actually really liked it. The creams were not as good when it came to wear time and this seems to follow that pattern but the pictures above show an entire 10HR day wear with no base liner so I’m interested to experiment a bit and see if I can’t improve upon it. The texture is initially sticky but settles to a more balmy feel, very comfortable on the lips and you can top up without having to wipe off and start over. I applied just a thin layer in the pictures above and find that they last longer that way but if you’re looking for a serious ‘vinyl’ finish you can layer them and they are just as comfortable if a little less smooth on the top up.

The glossy stains are still my favourite long wear lip products and I’m excited to try more from this new collection


SJP / Stash

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I would say I’m biased when it comes to SJP products but honestly? I didn’t love her previous fragrances. When I saw this new offering, however I was excited, Sarah Jessica herself dubs it “a fragrance for humans”. Although I do like the occasionally candy sweet scent I don’t love florals and tend to err on the side of masculine so unisex is right up my street and that’s just what this is.

It has a distinctly ‘aftershavey’ feel to it with woody base notes, it’s spicy and masculine but also a little citrusy and sweet. Although it smells nothing like it it reminds me of Hugo Boss Bottled purely because it has that same sweet yet musky combination and I also wore that myself more than once. Overall it’s much more interesting than some of SJP’s other fragrances and a total surprise for me.. It smells and looks more expensive than it’s modest rrp and although Lee doesn’t share my love of SJP I think he’ll happily share this with me!


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