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I saw a post on Ruth’s blog last night and tried my best to ignore it but this morning I’m just trying to narrow down WHAT to buy! 30% off ANYTHING on an entire site is rare so it’s tough to resist! So here’s what I have on my wishlist right now.. tell me what you’d pick.. it’s on til 25/05 so I have a little thinking time but I’m assuming some of my favourites will sell out pretty quick.. pressure!!

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Karl Lagerfeld K Klassik Tote / Marc By Marc Jacobs Natasha New Q Crossbody Bag / Peter Jensen Yes Yes Yes Sweatshirt / Ash Gang Suede Ankle Boots / Sam Edelman Sadie Tie Ankle Open Toe High Heel / RayBan Clubmaster Sunglasses / Prada Cinema Bridge Sunglasses

I had a bad week last I’ve been making up for it with some retail therapy so I really should avoid this sale but c’mon.. what do YOU have your eye on? *The only exclusion to the offer is GHDs but that’s no big whoop.. I’m more of a shoes and handbags kinda gal anyway 😉

Use code 6FW63 for 30% off your order!

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Tape-In Hair Extensions

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GL App Tape Hair Extensions ReviewSo it’s been a couple of weeks since I took out my hair extensions and I thought it was about time I shared my experience with you. I didn’t talk much about them while I had them here on my blog but I did share some  thoughts along the way in videos/vlogs so some of you may already know a little of what I’m going to say but I feel like I can be more objective now my regular hair is back in a comfortable ponytail. I once had bonded hair extensions because of an awful pixie haircut (not my idea) and in hindsight they were terrible but at the time I LOVED them. The long swooshy hair made me feel so glamorous and (I’m just going to say it) feminine. I’m not saying I don’t like my short hair but there’s something about that length that makes you want to whip it back and forth is all. So when Great Lengths contacted me to see whether I’d be interested in their new temporary extensions I jumped at the chance. They’re effectively tape ins but Great Lengths call them ‘apps’ – you can find their approved salons online here as well as a gallery of before and afters that I spent hours pouring over ahead of my appointment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore the application I went in for a consultation with Kirby (see her salon here) who recommended I go for the more permenant bonded extensions as she thought they would better blend with my blunt bob but what appealed to about the GL Apps was the temporainess. She decided that she could make them work if she packed a lot of them in and so the colour was matched and the appointment was made. Now as any bleach blonde knows it’s near impossible to keep the same shade of blonde for more than a few washes so when I returned to have the extensions applied my hair didn’t quite match the way it previously had. Not the end of the world but something worth mentioning, I think blondes would be better with a mix of tones to be on the safe side. The application took around 3 hours start to finish, Kirby applied each weft herself, sandwiching small sections of my own hair between what is effectively strips of hair with double sided tape attached. They felt really secure and flat to my head, it was an adjustment to sleep in them at first but only for the first few nights. I had read that you should keep them tied up to prevent tugging and breakage but I found them more comfortable if I left them ‘free’ and I can’t say I experienced any damage worth talking about. I got a little footage of the application in this video which will beter explain the process for those of you wanting to see it in action.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 17.36.46Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 17.32.19Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 17.31.30Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 17.32.46When Kirby first put in the extensions I wanted to keep as much length as possible but a week in I realised that wasn’t practical. Her salon was too far to travel just for a trim (so I thought) but having had the ends cut far too bluntly I would highly suggest you go to an extension professional for any cuts.. It needed some major thinning out to be manageable and if I had my time again I would have made the trip. Care wise I had to brush it twice a day to avoid tangles and honestly I could have stood to brush it more.. the longer I went without a comb through the bigger and more wig-like it got. I used a sulphate free shampoo and avoided conditioner near the bonds when washing and serums and oils like crazy to avoid dry ends but product wise I really didn’t really do anything special. When it came time to remove the extensions me being me I did it alone, I was prepared for this to be more damaging than having a pro do it but I can honestly say I dont think it was at all. I put oil all over my roots, left it for 5 or 10 minutes and started to peel apart the wefts. It took me maybe half an hour and I did it by myself.. I know, I know but really.. what did you expect? I’m sure I’m missing so much but if I get enough questions I’ll do a follow up! The last thing to mention is the curling wand I used – It’s from Cloud Nine (expect a full post on this if not a video) and it gave me the best, longsest lasting curls, it made it so much easier to blend the extensions with my short cut and I only had to style it every few days. It’s pricey but by far the best hair tool I own! I believe the GL hair is supposed to hold a curl better than your average anyway but even on my bob it lasts til I wash it! A+

Watch my rambly video review here

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Essence Sun Club

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore from Essence today and here’s a product that gives me a little makeup nostalgia. Does anyone remember when I used rave about that Bronzer/Blush from Miners? I still have one somewhere and you can still buy it online here (super inexpensive brand if you’re looking for something new) well long story short this reminds me a lot of it. It’s part bronzer, part highlight and swirled together it gives a subtle colour and sheen that’s perfect for paler skins.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou could pick out the colours and use them seperately if you wish but I don’t think that’s really the way it was intended to be used. It’s slightly more powdery and not as finely milled as the Miners equivalent but still very nice and easier to get hold of on the highstreet. The packaging is very plasticky but it’s chunky and substantial, its cheap but it doesn’t feel it. If you’re interested in the lip colour I’m wearing you can find out more about it in the post.

Available online here

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