Painting is laborious

I can’t believe I have had one whole week off work and on at nearly 2pm on Friday afternoon I am sitting down to write my first blogpost. I have been incredibly busy with the house. I have been saving lots of jobs, big and small, for our week off and we have near enough completed them all.. though we left many til the end of the week and rushed through them. We have decorated the nursery, the hall, stairs and landing have been freshly painted, the grungey yellow kitchen with plaster coming away from the walls has been refreshed and painted at bright white an our own bedroom has been given a new grown up feel going from a pastel lilac colour to an aptly named “Cappuccino” to match the lamps and bedspread. I’m pretty much loving all of our handiwork right now, basking in the fruits of our labours as I type this. I even freshened up my makeup room, the cupboards were chocked full of crap, I threw away 3 bin bags full of rubbish from the smallest room in our house and now my handbags and magazines are nicely organised, I have a shelf for lotions and potions and even a desk and a cork board for… umm… work and stuff?
It’s really coming together and I can’t wait to show you all. It’s not finished, though it’s not likely to be for a while so I might give you a bit of a preview this weekend when everything’s tidy. I’m possibly most pleased with our bedroom which as it happens took the least time. It’s like a haven now which was really important to me given that sleep will soon become a luxury. My skincare and random bedside junk was cluttered, there were DVDs EVERYWHERE and in short it looked like student housing but now… it looks like a bedroom fit for a mummy and daddy 🙂
I even gave Ella a new pink wall panel, she’s wanted her room painting pink for quite some time but it’s a large and awkward shape so one wall will have to suffice for now. She has a new bed a copious drawer space where previously her clothes lay in unruly piles. I’m sure just a little pink will be fine with her.
The kitchen was the biggest undertaking and I’d like to take this time to mention I did it.. ALL BY MYSELF! That’s not to say Lee was laying out watching TV, he was set to work also but the kitchen decorating project was my baby and it is so gorgeous now, gleaming white and clean. Unfortunately I painted one of the walls and I went back to do another coat but the plaster all bubbled up, cracked and peeled off so theres an unsightly ridge where I had to peel back as much as I could before it could be repainted. A minor blip though and fortunately the wall in question is situated behind the door so it’s rarely seen. I took down the horrible grubby blinds which improved the whole room enormously and it just looks fab.
We rent our house and are subject to occasional inspections so I was almost jumping for joy when we got a notice of inspection for next week. I like the idea that out hard work will be appreciated while it’s still brand new. We’ve been here for 2 years and plans to stay at least a couple more, it feels like home now and after all the effort we’ve put in we want to live in it for as long as we can.
Anyway this was a much longer post than I intended for it to be but I just couldn’t believe I’d gone so long without posting. I suppose had I merged all of my blogs in to one that would not happen as I am posting on my other blogs in between my posts on here but as I’ve said before.. I split them up for you guys, not for me, so hopefully if you are interested in the other stuff you will go and follow those blogs to be updated more regularly! In case you didn’t already know the tabs at the top of this blog lead you to the other blogs I have on pregnancy, wedding planning and cooking. I blog here most of all but you might miss something if you don’t follow them all.
I hope you are enjoying my “homesyle” blogs as much as the makeup/fashion type stuff I do too. I am sooo interested in other peoples homestyle blogs so if you have one of your own or want to recomment one PLEASE leave me a comment because I can never find enough fab ones.
My recommendation to you guys would be I love her stuff so much and her outfit posts will leave you green with envy!
I’m signing off now because I seriously am just rambling… this was basically a transcript of a youtube video at this point haha. I will leave you with my current favourite bedroom inspiration picture…

That’s like the colour of my bedroom walls now but my furniture is light wood!
Look out for previews soon!!!


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