Party Dresses You Can Dance, Chill & EAT in!

I don’t do a lot of going OUT out and so it’s really only this time of year that I think about party dresses. After my first early evening meltdown in front of my wardrobe (full of nothing to wear) of the year, I decided I need to make an effort to find at least one standby outfit for the coming season. The biggest issue when finding the dress is identifying when you’ll wear it and how you want to feel. Number one on my list is comfortable because chances are I’ll be sitting, probably eating, definitely drinking.. I’m just not here for having to hold in my tummy to have a good time.

With that in mind, I’ve put together 12 dresses from ASOS for those of you shopping the sales this weekend and in need of some inspiration.. categorised by the vibe/occasion. Everything is 20% off with the code HELLO20

First up are those  dresses reserved for those occasions where dinner will likely be served. I don’t know about you but I need a little wiggle room around my middle if I’m eating which takes tailoring and tight waistbands off the table.

Curve Midi Dress – £38 / Pleated Velvet Cold Shoulder Dress – £45 / Beaded Kimono Dress £65 / Velvet Embroidered Skater Dress  – £65

Next is the dancing! The fun dresses that you know you’ll mostly be standing in. I love some texture, glitter or sparkle but you may want a little more swish from your party frock. Whatever, I’ve got you covered.

Mini Cami Sequin Dress – £35 / Curve Fringe Dress – £55 / Bodycon Sparkle Mini Dress – £15 / Bardot Sequin Mini Dress – £58

AND LASTLY there’s lounging. The house parties, the many hours taking up the one comfy sofa in your favourite bar, the times when you want to dress up but if you could go in your PJs that would be great.. here are some alternatives.

Leopard Midi Dress – £38 / Shift Dress with Dobby Mesh Sleeves – £28 / 2 in 1 Sweatshirt Dress with Leopard Hem – £28 / Oversize Jumper Dress – £38


What do you look for in your go to party outfit these days?



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  1. 24 November, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    Oh my gosh Mikhila that purple skirt isn’t just shouting Carrie Bradshaw vibes, but you look STUNNING! 😀

    Where’s that skirt from? 😀

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