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This wonder stuff is my new cleanser. I was looking for something with a creamier consistency than my regular Liz Earle to use with my Clarisonic and this is absolutely it. It feels like a buttery soft lotion but I would never have used the word ‘milk’ to describe the consistency (as they do on the bottle). I consider a cleansing milk to be one designed to be used with a cotton wool pad whereas this is very much a soap and water kinda deal! Here’s a look at what’s inside the bottle…

I started using this and Loreal’s Youth Code serum at the same time so I can’t be sure which is doing something awesome but one of them is! My skin has never been so smooth. Contrary to what the name might suggest it has a fresh mint (not a chewing gum mint but a mojito mint) scent.. nothing remotely peachy. Very refreshing after a long day!
Peaches & Clean is available from Boots here for £7
Miss BB

EDIT – I’ve since been advised by Lee that is does indeed smell like peaches (as well as fresh mint) my mistake!

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  1. This looks great, I might try it out soon! :)x


  2. So glad you've done a review on this!! I've been wanting this for ages but haven't been able to find enough reviews to convince myself!! I will have to add this to my list of cleansers to buy 🙂 x

  3. This looks lovely I really want to try it do you think it would be suitable for dry skin?

    • it's really creamy so I don't see why not but it does have exfoliating properties so it you are only used to super gentle cleansers I wouldn't risk it. I have combination normal-dry skin and it's been fine for me

  4. Ohhh I loved the look of this and your review until you said it didn't smell at all of peaches. It would annoy me too much every time I used it I think!

    But it does look pretty nice still 🙂

    Fee x

    • haha! I know what you mean it is a bit random but seriously it smells so nice I think you'd forgive them lol

    • BTW I have this too, I also love it and it does have mint in it but I absolutely think it smells like peaches? Haha so give it a try! Or at least a sniff in a local boots.

  5. Hummm….. Sounds good, I'm on the look out for a new cleanser so might have to try this one 😉

  6. This looks lovely i was looking at it the other day but then changed my mind!

    Beautiful Dreams

  7. Stumbled across your Youtube channel/blog today, I am SO pleased you have reviewed this! I am a fellow Soap & Glory fanatic and am on the look out for an inexpensive cleanser and this would appear to tick all the boxes!
    One question though- do you think it would work well on an oily t-zone? I have very temperamental combination skin so am abit cautious with what I use….


  8. Jade Aubrey

    I love this stuff! i have been using it for 3-4 months now. I wash it off a few minutes after i put it on my face, but the other daay, i left it on as a mask for 10-15 minutes and it made my whole face go patchy and red! It also i got a brake-out on my cheek, what NEVER happens!:( x

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