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jI love a good pamper on a Sunday and these products recently gifted to me by a friend have been staples for the past few weeks. I posted about them briefly when I first got them as there was a 20% off sale (which by the way is still running until the end of August) but I wanted to give them a decent trial before actually reviewing. Neither the scrub nor the body butter are really suitable for daily use which is why I dub them as perfect for pampering, the soaps of course are fine for anything from hand to body washing on the regular though.

iFirst of all, those of you who are interested in all natural products and want to know what goes IN to what you put ON.. the ingredient are clearly marked on the back of each label and all but for the occasional fragrance oil it’s all natural stuff. As you know I’m not THAT bothered about chemicals etc.. I’m sure I should be for for me if it works I really don’t care what’s in it.. but if it works and the ingredients aren’t going to cause me a slow, painful death? BONUS!

Comparing (how can I not) the brand to Lush for a moment, I have never been super interested in their soaps, I know that they’re very popular and the Birch Lea scents were amazing so I took a couple to try – the Cranberry & Cucumber is seriously delicious and almost festive. I’ve been trying to use them as an alternative to body wash and to shave my legs but honestly.. I’m too used to a liquid soap. I’m an instant everything kinda gal and the whole working a lather up thing is a bit laborious for me. I have put them by the various sinks in the house now and they’re getting more use there. For those interestedin bar soap they DO lather but they’re not going to turn to mush in contact with water so they should last longer than your average!

lI want to narrow down which is my favourite of the remaining but honestly? It’s a tie. The sugar scrub is awesome.. reminds me a lot of the Sanctuary Salt scrub that I love but the sugar granules are bigger and the oil is less so you get a very effective exfoliation with minimal oily residue.. but just enough to sooth your soft, scrubbed skin. The body butter is whipped but it melts on contact with the skin and turns in to an oil. This one was something that Leanne asked for feedback on as she worried it was TOO oily. I’ve tried a fair few natural body butters and every one of them has behaved in the same way that this does, the only difference is that the first sign of hot weather and they melt in the pot. This one somehow manages to stay ‘solid’ in the jar, it’s totally unchanged and still perfectly whipped to the touch.

Have any of you experienced that melted body butter formula? Kind of annoying since it’s near impossible to use once it’s turned as you have to scoop it out of a jar! So, I was impressed. What I’ve used this for most is my legs after shaving and for massage.. you need such a tiny amount so it should last me for AGES.


A little note on the fragrances of these two, the scrub is Grapefruit, very uplifting but sweet too (that’ll be the sugar) and if I remember correctly that scent is natural so this would be one of the totally natural options I was talking about. The body butter is Cranberry but to me it smells like a raspberry petite filous.. that sounds mad I know and maybe not so appetising but it’s lush (no pun intended) trust me!

As I mentioned there’s still 20% off if you buy before the end of the month with code AUG20 – next on my wishlist to try are the bath melts and the Strawberries & Champagne sugar scrub – YUM!

Miss BB



  1. 24 August, 2014 / 4:14 pm

    These sound divine! I love a good pampering session on a Sunday, it’s the one day in the week I have to myself that I can treat myself to some much needed TLC and me time!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. 24 August, 2014 / 5:05 pm

    Definitely need to buy some of these products soon, the scents all seem amazing! They’re not just the typical scents you get in most body butters and skin products. c:

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