Philip Kingsley – Round Two

I ummed and ahhed about this follow up post but in the interest of full disclosure, here it is..
Not so long ago I blogged about Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer. I received a free sample in my Glossy Box and couldn’t wait to try it but was disappointed with my results. Not long after the lovely people at Philip Kingsley contacted me and asked if I’d consider reviewing a selection of products they thought would be more suited to my hair type. I received the Moisture Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner and the Elasticizer Extreme. They advised that the elasticizer must be used twice a week for 4 weeks to really see results and so that is what I did. I read numerous other reviews (all positive) to get hints and tips as to how they were making it work for them and sat for extended periods wearing the miracle pomade under a shower cap with my fingers tightly crossed. Unfortunately I had much the same experience as the first time and saw no visible difference to the condition of my hair. 
As I had been sent this product on the back of a less than favourable review I genuinely believed I was doing something wrong or that what they were sending would really would work for me so when it didn’t I was at a bit of an impasse as to whether or not I should share my experience. I don’t like to give something a negative write up if it has been sent to me, that’s not to say I’d ever give a false review but if I don’t like it I generally just keep schtum. In this case though I think it’s less about the brand and more about me. 
Since I originally screwed up my hair and bleached it within an inch of it’s life I’ve had it cut and I’ve treated it very well. I’ve avoided heat where possible and pampered it with masques and such until it’s shiny again and almost (dare I say?) healthy. I’ve also been through a pregnancy which can be known to have restorative powers when it comes to hair, skin and nails. I think the reason that the Elasticizer didn’t work for me is that I’m not longer it’s target market. I still assume that my hair is dry and damaged but upon closer inspection it really is 100% better than it was this time last year.
I feel like I must take a minute in this sea of seriousness to take a look at the packaging. Very nice! It all feels very luxe and has a very mild ‘salon’ scent. The whole process of washing your hair is a little bit nicer when you’re working with lovely looking things, is it not?
I will keep the treatment in my emergency hair box for such a time as I think I really need it because although it didn’t work for me this time I do still believe it does work. I would like to mention that I did get on much better with the shampoo and conditioner! They are designed for “medium, textured, wavy hair types” which I will always be and my hair felt soft and manageable after using them. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t give it all a glowing review but there are plenty of others who have.
The Elasticizer Extreme – £26.25 (link) and The Moisture Balance Shampoo – 250ml £14.75 (link) and Conditioner – 250ml £17.90 (link) are available at Philip Kingsley online
One last note I have to mention given my impending holiday. The shampoo/conditioner I received are travel sized (and so cute FYI) which led me to look them up online. If you’re looking to try something from the brand but don’t want to shell out for full sized products they have a whole range of “jet sets”

Which are totally adorable and so useful for trying something new or just to take on holiday! I’m considering purchasing one to take along to Las Vegas next month. They’re just £19.99 each and can be found here
Miss BB

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  1. 18 February, 2012 / 6:52 pm

    It didn't work for me either and so I decided to try the itchy scalp treatment,the toner, and the scalp mask. Ive been using it for two months now every time I wash my hair. Unfortunately I've not experienced any benefit from these products and so I'm going to revert to my trusty macadamia oil products. It just goes to show that not everyone's hair responds in the same way.

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