Wedding Photo Checklist

I originally wrote about this before our wedding (7 years ago) but I thought it might be fun to revisit some of those old posts ahead of wedding season. We did everything ourselves and on a mega budget so look out for some tips and tricks (as well as what we did that I perhaps wouldn’t do again) in the coming weeks!

Here’s what I posted back in 2012:

Now we’re definitely getting married over here with friends and family I want to get the most out of it I can. We wanted to do it alone as you know but there are many benefits to letting others share in your special day and if this is the way we’re doing it then I will be taking advantage of them! The main one of course is photography! I plan to have everyone take as many photos as possible in the hope we will have one or two that I can frame. There are certain photos we can set up and take ourselves (I’m a total control freak) but some we will have to rely on others for (nervous). Here are all the shots I want to get out of the day…
The Rings, 
My Shoes,
Me Getting Ready,
My Dress,
A Kiss,
A Classic Bride & Groom Pose,
A Group Shot.
I pretty much only need help with two or three of those so finger crossed we will still get a nice collection of photos – after a little editing no doubt.

My editing capabilities 7 years later make me wish I could do it all again! Being able to sharpen or blur images alone was beyond me so I have no idea what I thought I was going to do with them beyond switching to black and white, haha. I truly am not even sure where all of the photos are now but I’ll dig them out for another time. In the meantime you can see a little of the day here and some of my inspo pictures below:


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