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Since our Vegas Vacation I just haven’t quite got back in to my blogging swing, I don’t know why but it’s left me with a giant back log of product reviews and this is one of them. I picked up a few items from CVS/Walgreens while I was over there and having heard so much about Physicians Formula and the Happy Booster specifically it was top of my shopping list. I must say I was a little taken a back at the price, $15 is expensive for the drugstore but I had it on good authority that this was a must have soI bit the bullet and bought it. There were 4 shades to choose from but there may be more out there, the ones I saw were rose, pink, warm and the one I went for, natural.

I chose natural as the other shades all seemed too bold and having seen them swatched online I think I made the right choice. This gives a lovely glowy, almost coral sweep of colour but I did have one problem.. shimmer! I haven’t heard anyone mention glitter in this product so didn’t think twice when I applied it. It wasn’t until I got out to the car I saw the glitter ball that was my face and to say i was disappointed was an understatement. After only one use I wrote it off as a bad job and relegated it to my blush drawer to be forever admired but never used again. 
I was so shocked by the shimmery finish I decided to make a video a couple of weeks later to warn fellow shoppers that this may not be for them and ask if anyone else had experienced the same issue.. but when I came to show the finish on film I just couldn’t capture it and I’ve used the blush since and found very little shimmer in any light. I didn’t understand it but all I can assume is that there’s a hefty layer on top of the product to make it look sparkly and nice on the shelf and after the first application it’s gone. I edited the original video to say I’d changed my mind but I still wanted my first impressions out there as if it hadn’t been for filming that video I’d never have given this a second chance and wasted the $15! (video linked at end)

All in all this wasn’t cheap but the packaging feels substantial, it has a cute hidden mirror and brush compartment and upon further testing.. I really like it. It’s supposed to make you happy, something between the scent and probably the glitter, I don’t know. I like it and I’m glad I gave it another go but I don’t consider it a must have by any means. I actually liken in to the Miners Bronzer/Blush which I really do love and is a fraction of the price for us in the UK. You can purchase The Happy Booster Blush on eBay here and read my Miners review to compare here

You can see here how awful my skin was after our vacation. Happily it’s now much improved but I took the pictures as soon as we got back, I just never got around to posting them. I have a few other US makeup reviews coming up so keep you eyes peeled and if you had the same shimmer problem with this product I’d be really interested to see it’s not just me!
Miss BB



  1. 17 April, 2012 / 2:20 pm

    i love physicians formula products, but never tried this one before. so pretty!

  2. idabell
    10 October, 2012 / 2:47 pm

    I know this is an old post, but i felt to comment. I just today found out that you can buy physicians formula online at (ships worldwide) , regular prizes + shipping. I live in Norway, and usually it takes about 14 days for me to recieve the package. Just in case someone wants some of the products without going overseas ;). And btw, i’m addicted to your blog, vlog and in general. My boyfriend’s a bit jealous, more interested in Khilaneeews, than him. haha.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      11 October, 2012 / 9:27 pm

      wow thanks for the tip x

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