Pixi By Petra Liquid Lip in Really Rose #30lipsin30days

I received this months ago and it’s been a mainstay in my handbag but in all honesty it felt a little ‘blah’ to talk about in videos etc. I’ve had products that do the same thing in this same ‘safe’ colour over and over again and nothing felt different enough to warrant calling this out as better than any other I wore it again this week for this review; however, and finally identified that point of difference.

I’ve told you (lots) already that my lips have suffered this month. Between the change in weather and constant lipstick testing they’re far drier than usual and that’s allowed me to see flaws in products I love and give a more balanced perspective. A blessing in disguise, perhaps. With this liquid lip it actually showed me how much more hydrating it is than most of the others I own. It set quickly but never looked dry and felt comfortable all day. I’d say that my 1 or 2pm I should have topped up (especially since I was at work, around people) as it was showing signs of wear but it didn’t feel dry at any point and when I did reapply it layered beautifully. I’m not sure what’s in it to give it this smooth finish while lasting well but I like it. It might be boring but it performs!



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