Pixi Vitamin C Serum

I can probably count on one hand how many skincare products have truly WOWED me after just one use but this is definitely on that list.

I received this from the brand last year but I’m talking about it now because I’ve finally had to make my peace with the fact it’s gone bad and has to be retired. So I write this review partly to work through my grief and partly as a warning for those of you skincare flip floppers out there.

Certain products lose potency once opened and so their use by date is more important than others. I was aware of this rule with vitamin C because I’ve seen people show the colour change on YouTube and so I knew to look out for the serum getting darker. Once that amber colour sets in, it’s dead so use it up! Don’t do what I did and flit between different serums. COMMIT and you will not only see the benefit of consistent use but also get your moneys worth before it turns.

Casting my mind back just a few months to a happier time when my serum was just a little warm but still effective – I was IN LOVE. The first night I applied this I thought it was sticky and meh.. the next morning however, my skin was GLOWING. It is one of the best overnight results I’ve seen.

I looked brighter, my fine lines seemed to be filled, my skin (which is a patchwork of pigmentation) looked more even.. I couldn’t believe it. Usually Vitamin C is recommended as a day serum/treatment but I found that this particular one did oxidise on my skin and so often I’d find an ‘edge’ of orange around my hairline. I’m also not SUPER keen on a full skin routine under makeup (but that’s just me) so if I were to purchase a replacement I would put this in place of my night serum.

Because I’d heard I was supposed to be using retinol in my mid-30s (that Hirons has a lot to answer for) I was swapping between multiple serums to find one that may be a better evening treatment but really I should have stuck with what I knew! My main concerns are brightness and uneven tone and so this Vitamin C serum ticks all of my boxes.

I’m currently trying a retinol that smells like cough syrup so I’m additionally upset to have lost my zesty scented Pixi serum right now

One last thing I want to mention, I did buy that Khiels Vitamin C serum a year or so ago and told anyone who would listen that it was incredible. I stand by that (although I don’t think I ever said it was WORTH the price tag) and the Khiels for sure has a more luxe feel to it BUT I don’t think it did considerably more for me than this one did. At least for right now couldn’t justify the difference in cost but maybe in 10 years I’ll feel twice the benefit? Time will tell.

Do you have a Vitamin C recommendation? I’m on a real kick now!


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