Planning For The New Year / £10 Off ECLP

IMG_7170I had planned to put out a pick of the sales post today and I may get around to that but what I REALLY wanted to talk about today was the Erin Condren sale. I had this post waiting in the wings for the New Year but when I saw the site had 15% off for a very limited time I thought it might be the right time to show you what I bought. I’ve had my eye on a Life Planner for years and when they had their Black Friday sale I finally bit the bullet and picked one up for both myself and a friend for Christmas. Was it not for YouTube and blogging I’d never have heard of the American giant that is Erin Condren so I wont be surprised if some of you reading this haven’t either but a word of warning, you can’t just spend 5 minutes on their site.. it’s a black hole, I could waste hours customising stickers and beautiful cover designs for my fantasty shopping basket before returning to the real world.

IMG_7171Planning is something I’ve become more and more interested in this past year, it’s a legitimate hobby for many and I think it appeals to the stationery geek in most of us. It’s an excuse for adults to plays with highlighters and decorate pages with stickers while still feeling productive. It’s something that genuinely does help to keep me organised but feels like a bit of a guilty pleasure at the same time. It’s not a cheap hobby but one I’d highly recommend if you’re someone who still gets excited at the prospect of back to school shopping and trips to Staples ‘for the kids’.

IMG_7172So I finally got my planner and although it doesn’t start until Monday I haven’t been able to resist a little pre-planning and stickering. Of course I haven’t quite had it long enough to do a first impressions for you yet but I will tell you that I waited as impatiently for its arrival as for any handbag I’ve ever purchased. I tracked it twice a day and ripped open the box practically before the door was even closed to the Fedex guy. Everything arrived quickly, was packaged really well and basically was everything I’d hoped for and more. It’s a little bigger than the Personal Planner I’ve been used to but it still fits (just) in my small handbag if I want to take it along with me. I’ll be doing a review in a month or so if you’re interested and I’m considering sharing monthly ‘spreads’ with you in the New Year too.. it’s definitely something I enjoy reading/watching so although it’s a bit niche and maybe not for everyone I imagine there are some among you who would also.. we’ll see. If you’d like to see an unboxing and take a look at both planners I ordered along with everything else included in the box and a bit of a flip through the book you can watch the below video.. for those who’d rather just browse for yourself you can check out the site here

15% off will only last for 48hrs however you can get $10 off your order if you register through this link! / For those from the UK wondering about shipping it’s not too bad, not cheap by UK standards but reasonable given the weight of what you’re ordering and all inclusive so no hidden fees from customs, the total you pay at checkout is THE total!

 Miss BB

*not sponsored but if you use my affiliate links I get store credit to spend on more stickers and accessories that I definitely need and might already be buying while the 15% off is still running..



  1. Rachael
    2 January, 2016 / 11:49 pm

    Watching your video inspired me to order a planner, I’m currently waiting for my Pirongs 2016 planner to arrive. I have also ordered a few stickers from Etsy and EBay. I’m a complete planner beginner.xx

  2. Karen
    10 January, 2016 / 3:11 am

    I’ve just ordered one of these. Not entirely sure a purchase at 3am was my best move but hey ho! Tomorrows job is Stickers, any recommendations?

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