Playdough For Adults?


I know I’m such a humbug about LUSH usually but this product really is very cool. I initially took it from a friend who offered it thinking the kids would get a kick out of it but low and behold it’s actually a decent soap. It has a light vanilla fragrance which I happen to enjoy, you can use it as bubble bath, on your body, your hair and even (get this) YOUR CLOTHES!! A small amount is all you need to hand wash your delicates.. freaking genius! I have used it as a regular body wash and it’s a little strange but I really got into it after trying the Let The Good Times Roll cleanser as they’re a similar concept. You take a little amount and mix it with water to create a paste witch which you cleanse.. this melts faster than the facial cleanser however they’re the same principle and a bit different than EVERYTHING ELSE. I have also used Fun to hand wash clothes with great success.. I would consider repurchasing in future for that purpose alone. From the kids perspective before  the dough hits water they can play with it, make shapes etc.. great FUN (get it) but still an effective product.

Available online here for £5 in 6 different colours/fragrances including the limited edition Gold for Christmas!

Miss BB



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