PMD – The Journey Begins


 I’ve had this for an embarrassingly long time without even trying it out and I decided that this week is the week. I think what was putting me off was the potential havoc it could wreak with my skin and the various upcoming events that I decided to avoid it for.

No idea what the PMD is?

” It replicates the treatment given by professionals by using the same aluminum oxide crystals on the patented spinning discs, whilst also using a vacuum action to gently pull skin towards the disc for optimum exfoliation. Help achieve a fresher, smoother and healthier-looking complexion with this brilliant handheld device.”

It claims to unclog pores, smooth and even tone, reduce blemishes and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Once dead skin cells are removed your skin should be open to absorbing skincare – much the same as with the Clarisonic. Whether this actually works I will tell you over the coming weeks.


It comes with multiple exfoliating discs for the face and body and a DVD manual to show you how to use it – although I will be taking my advice from YouTube. There is a training disc which is designed to be used while you’re getting to grips with how and where you will be using it, from then they move up in intensity depending on how sensitive your skin may be. IMG_1072

 I’ve heard really good things about this working for those users with hyper pigmentation and scarring which it my main skin concern. I am interested to see what it can do for my fine lines but I’m relatively lucky in that department thus far so I’m looking at that from more of a preventative perspective. I’ve never had any professional microdermabrasion so I wont be able to tell you how this compares to that however I will review it as a standalone at home treatment and hopefully get some decent before and after pictures to measure any improvement. The PMD is available online from Look Fantastic here.

Have any of you tried this? I’d love to know if you had success with it.

Miss BB

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  1. Ccd
    13 May, 2014 / 8:01 am

    Being more than little obsessed with beauty tools and gadgets – qvc I blame you – I bought this in December last year and have had more than enough time to try it out.

    First I have to say what skin type I have, as this probably goes a very long way to explaining why very little works on my skin! My skin is sensitive, reactive, very hormonal acne prone and very nicely scarred from past and ongoing acne. Oh it scars very easily too! So lucky I know. Therefore I hoped it may help my skin clear up due to it’s exfoliating properties, on condition of using it when my skin is clear only. In those short week/barely weeks, of the month that it actually is!

    I started in December and had an initial break out and thought hey ho, it’s to be expected and is only onwards and upwards now. However it made no difference to my skin sadly after is reaction I feel. I let the reaction and oversentitised skin die down, and then tried the gadget again. Again, but slightly less so my skin reacted and was the obvious red and sore state again for a few days. Then again it cleared up, and felt smooth – but no kore so than after manual exfoliating. This was the way with it at each use every 2/3 weeks use, and I didn’t feel really it did anthing for me except over excite and annoy my skin.

    I particularly noted that if you have the underlying, never bloody appearing cystic acne under the skin, it really irritates that but only that, nothing more comes of it, and it certainly does not help it – just annoys it further, to the point where you think – bugger this/these bad boys are going to butcher my face! Oh and obviously, never use it on spots or acne already showing it’s face. It will annoy it like hell and defeat the purpose of the machine.

    Bear in mind I get mild to moderate but very annoying and ugly hormonal acne, and that my skin is already scarred. I figured the scarring may benefit from this machine, however I didn’t think it actually did. I felt I got no more than I would have from an st Ives scrub, but at hmm over 130 times the price!

    I do still have the machine and will still torture my skin by using it approx once a month. But I don’t think my skin appreciates it, and think it is better for me FOR SURE to stick to the chemical exfoliants I have become accustomed to, eg alpha h products, and other glycolic, lactic and salycylic acid based products. To turn my skin over chemically, gradually and more sporadically.

    Hope this helps anyone, and any questions on the machine I’d be happy to answer.

    C x

  2. 13 May, 2014 / 8:20 am

    This looks terrifying and the fact that it comes with a training disc makes it seem even more scary for me, lol. I’m interested to see the results though!

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