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I thought in honor of Mothers Day I would shamelessly plug my pregnancy blog to you all.
I am posting regular progress updates and you can look forward to bump photos and stretch mark fighting hints and tips as well as my general pregnancy journal-type ramblings. being in the 1st trimester right now I’m feeling generally very nauseous and sore everywhere (tmi for here but over there… not so much lol)
You can check out the stuff I’m browsing, the stuff I’m buying and the stuff I’m longing for. I recently got my due date, very exciting and am awaiting my scan appointment, those pictures and video will also be posted there! So if you’re interested in keeping up with me and the bump head over to my blog by clicking HERE
 I will also be running baby themed contests over the coming months so to make sure you don’t miss out why not FOLLOW while you’re there?
 In other news I hope you mothers are all treated well tomorrow and you all treat your mothers on their special day.


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