Primark PS. Liquid Lip Set in Nude Edit #30lipsin30days

I had intended to just swatch one of these but they have no names and I don’t think they can be purchased separately so it seemed pointless to do so. No more pointless than reviewing discontinued lipsticks; which I continue to do this month, but hey! These are obviously intended to be dupes (at least in packaging) for the Huda Beauty mini liquid lips but since I haven’t tried any of those myself I can’t draw formula comparisons. The frosted tubes are nice for Primarni though, aren’t they?

I’m wearing the first shade I swatched in these pictures and really it’s the only colour of the 4 that works for me. Although the set seems like a great deal (I think I paid £3?!) I’ve actually only come away with one wearable shade. They set quickly so there’s little scope to mix but if you work quickly you could potentially layer them.

On the lips they look dry but don’t give much oomph in the colour department so on me I feel like it’s just a bit blah. They would all benefit from a liner to punch up the definition and a balm to help combat the dry look and feel but honestly? There aren’t enough redeeming features to warrant the effort. They last pretty well but when you don’t love something, do you want it to last?


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