Primark PS. Matte Lipstick in In The Buff #30lipsin30days

Honestly? There’s not a lot of good to say about this one. It would be much better over a liner but it’s streaky and dry and I had to work hard to get it to what you see below. Because it’s starts off as a less than flawless finish you can imagine it didn’t wear well either. almost as soon as it had ‘settled’ it felt dry and within the hour (after maybe 1 cup of tea) it just wasn’t pretty. I tried to wear this a couple of days to give it a fair chance (I don’t know if you’ve sussed by now but I tested these lip products over more than 30 days) and I just couldn’t stand to wear it longer than a couple of hours.

Unless I’m going to a statement, overdrawn, Kylie lip then a nude for me should be an easy to wear shade that I can apply before work and not bother reapplying but the way in which this wears away isn’t conducive with that kind of devil-may-care attitude. It’s  a nice enough colour and I love the matte colour coded  tube but what’s inside is a big swing and a miss. Cheap but not cheerful. *runs out of phrases, ends review*


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