Pumpkin Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

pumpkin nail art

I have only a couple of designs left to show you and thought I’d go for the cheerier of the two today since we’re off to LEGOLAND! I’m half excited, half terrified.. but then that’s every school holiday, isn’t it? We’re going to the Harry Potter Tour tomorrow (considerably more exciting for the grown ups) so I’m repainting with something a bit more dark and mysterious for that but I thought these colourful pumpkins were ‘brick or treat’ appropriate.. here’s how I did it..

pumpkin nail art I was going for a neon green stalk until I discovered a khaki polish in my collection and thought better of it hence the neon glow but let’s say it was intentional? Another really simple one, I used the regular orange polish with the provided brush and the same fine brush for the peachy ‘shadow’ detail on the pumpkins and the stalks so as far as equipment goes one brush isn’t too much to ask.. if you’re in a pickle you can always use a (thoroughly washed) liquid liner applicator.. in fact I’d recommend it!

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