Purse Friendly Product no.1

I wanted to do something new on my blog and thought a favourite budget product of the week might be something you’d all be interested in. For my first week I will be raving about this….

It’s the cleanser and toner from Superdrug’s own Tea Tree range and I am just in LOVE with it! I bought it a month ago on a 2 for 3.99 deal. It was one of those impulse purchases, I didn’t expect any ground breaking results but It was so cheap I thought I’d give it a whirl. I bought 2 of this same cleanser/toner and am only just coming to the end of my first bottle which is really good going as I’m more than liberal with my morning and nightly applications and it is just doing wonders for my skin. It really has never been as clear. I still get the odd break out I’m never going to have perfect skin.. I’ve made my peace with that but this has gotten me as close to perfect as I’ve ever been before. I’m not sure whether anything else from the range is as awesome yet but for 3.99 for any two items (the offer is still on now) I would highly recommend you at least give this one a go!


Miss BB


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