QVS Gel Toe Separators


Bit of an odd post today but it’s one of those essentials that we all use but nobody ever talks about.. toe separators. Funnily enough I took this picture about 6 months (maybe more) ago and I guarantee you that I couldn’t find these if I tried now. I don’t know about you but along with bobby pins and hair bands toe separators have a very short life span in my household before vanishing. I usually use tissue paper in truth but with that in mind I though it was still worth telling you whether I thought these were any better than your average foam variety.. or indeed Andrex. First of all they’re gel so you’re expecting super comfy, right? Not so much.. they’re cold and have less give to them than foam. They stay put a little better, no slipping and sliding as they have good grip but that’s not a huge problem I suffer with so.. not much of a benefit in my opinion. They were more expensive too.. as you’d expect cause they’re made of more durable material.. but if they go the same way as ALL others then they last me one or two uses before hiding somewhere never to be found again so.. durability isn’t such a benefit either.

Ultimately I think these were a pointless purchase for me.. they’re still uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time and although they’ll last longer than foam (if you can find them) they’re not worth the extra money. I think I’ll stick with tissue paper.

Case and point – I can’t even find a link to these online so THEY don’t even want you to buy them!

Miss BB

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  1. Laura
    28 October, 2013 / 6:50 pm

    Sounds to me like the only reason you dislike them is cause you lost them??? You even admit that you don’t have them to hand so how can you blog about something you don’t actually have in your possession? Completely pointless review in my opinion…

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