Ray-Ban Foldable Wayferers


First and foremost, these aren’t mine.. I wish they were and I’m tempted to buy myself a pair but they’re a gift for my long suffering husband who puts up with my many trips to Boots. As I’m planning a luxe purchase for myself very soon I decided to buy him a little something special too. As I write this he hasn’t seen them yet and I know for a fact he will say I shouldn’t have bought them but I know he will appreciate them regardless of his initial horror at the price.. we’re Primark folk! Anyway.. that’s not why you’re hear, you want to hear about these freaky folding glasses, right?


I first saw them online and thought they were a bit of a gimmick but perhaps good for those with small children as they tend to bend the unbendable where as these are designed to fold very small. I wasn’t sure about the durability and most importantly whether they would fold up while you were wearing them so while we were shopping last weekend we popped in to the Sunglass Hut and took a look at them. I made Lee try them on of course.. sly but in doing so he did spot the astronomic SH price #fail so when I do give them to him I will have to be clear I got a much better deal. They feel really well made and even when folded they’re pretty robust, definitely not as flimsy as my many highstreet pairs so I decided they were worth the money and bought them. I can’t yet tell you he loves them of course but I had a go with my makeup free face (apologies) and once the Louis Vuitton dust has settled I may make a sneaky purchase and get a pair of my own.


I never thought I suited the Wayfarer style and always go for the Aviators but I just can’t buy designer Aviators.. they would surely break within half an hour, no? This was something I asked twitter recently and surprisingly many of you told me they too are very durable but if I was going to buy myself a pair they would have to be sturdier than fine metal.. I’m just a clumsy person. Luckily Lee is much more careful and in our new care he has a nice little sunglasses case built into the roof on his side so he will finally have reason to use it!

IMG_5500IMG_5505IMG_5510The gap for the hinge is very tight so when you’re wearing them it’s not visible unless someone’s seriously inspecting your face (why?) yet they collapse and put away in this tiny square case.. madness! The Sunglass Hut are selling these for £170.00 but I got Lee’s for £130 from Very.co.uk here and you can definitely get them for cheaper still but when I’m spending £100+ I like to know the retailer and am always nervous buying from places like Amazon so I bought from Very who I basically buy everything from because you get Boots points… and I just realised I didn’t sign in to get them for these DAMNIT!

Miss BB



  1. 21 May, 2013 / 12:50 pm

    Love this post! I’ve never heard of these folding Raybans before so thanks for opening my eyes to them! Me and my boyfriend are both big fans of Ray Ban Wayferer’s so this was very interesting! Great pics too xxx

  2. Sarah
    21 May, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    Oh man I didn’t realise you got boots points on very!!! I have spent so much money on very what a waste of potential points!! Nice sunnies hope he likes them! X

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