RayBan 62mm


Yes, another pair! I’m borderline obsessed with Ray Bans at this point but these extra large frames had been haunting my retail dreams ever since Laura from Buy Now Blog Later posted about them. When I first tried them on I though they were way too big, it’s definitely an adjustment as I originally thought the regular sized aviators were too large for my face but the more I wear them the more I love them. They definitely work better with a little volume in my hair though, I think it helps to redress the frame to head balance.

I thought I’d take this time to answer a few questions that I’ve had recently and that I had myself before owning a pair of sunglasses that cost more than a few pounds..

Q. Are they actually any better quality or are you just paying for the name?

A. I would say a bit of both if you’re talking about designer shades on the whole, I mean there’s no way that a £300 is REALLY 3x better than a £100 HOWEVER Rayn Bans are the lower end of the spectrum price wise and I absolutely see a huge difference in quality if I look at the highstreet branded pairs I own.

Q. Aren’t you worried about breaking them?

A. YES! I am not careful with my things but I keep them in their cases and thus far have been lucky but they are robust. I originally bought Lee a pair of Wayfarers and desperately wanted the aviator style for myself but every other pair I’d had I’d broken so I was nervous. They’re definitely made of stronger stuff than I expected and I’ve dropped them multiple times with no scratches to report. These newer frames are a chunk heavier and I’m finding it difficult to keep them on my face actually.. :/

Q. Where do you buy them?

A. There are plenty of sites offering discounts on the RRP. they can be expensive so I definitely would suggest shopping around and looking for voucher codes etc, they’re almost always cheaper online. I was sent this pair from Select Specs who are selling them at £20 less than the RRP


Overall I’ve been really happy with the quality of Ray Ban sunglasses, I actually just ordered a new pair for Lee in the smaller Wayfarer size that are a pretty cool matte blue that he’s excited about so watch this space for more on those later! If you have any Q’s about these glasses let me know and I’ll try to answer them.

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  1. 31 March, 2014 / 1:08 pm

    I bought myself a pair of black Wayfarers for my 18th birthday and 3 years later, they are still standing! I have lost them and dropped them so many times and still no scratches. I also bought them from Costco which dropped the price significantly! I still love them 🙂
    Bea x
    Bea’s Beauty Blog

  2. jdhartil
    1 April, 2014 / 10:57 am

    Real cool shades!

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