Rebecca Minkoff Rose Gold 5 Zip Mini MAC


 Aaaahhhhh!!! Did anyone else hear that? It’s like the heavens opened and delivered this beauty to my doorstep. Have you ever seen anything quite so amazing as a rose gold, soft as butter leather bag with silver hardware? No, me either. It might just be the most versatile bag I own now because of the mixed metals and I just can’t wait to wear it. For those who have been following our vague Vegas plans how awesome would this look with the floor length silver dress lounging around in the casino with a cocktail in my hand? Obviously I haven’t thought much about it 😉 ..Really though, so Vegas!


I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags and I’d had my eye on this one for a while but I was lucky enough to have this sent to me by the lovely owner of TheLittleBlackBookOfStyle, I’ve since bought another style from her which I’m just as in love with and you can see in this video here. I’ve bought several bags/accessories from the site over the past couple of years and can tell you it’s consistently been the cheapest place to buy RM bags and the customer service is excellent, she’s also giving 20% off all bags until the 13th of this month with code LOYALTY20 making an already good price even better. It knocked £30 of the one I bought so definitely worth a look.

I have a couple of the MAC bags in different sizes but I hadn’t looked much at these 5 zip styles, I thought those of you who may have considered a purchase might be interested in these detailed shots. I love the lining, it’s the newer print, she changes them from season to season and I don’t have one with this print. It has a corresponding dust bag and replacement tassels for the zips which I would imagine will come in handy if you wear it a lot. They could look worn over time quicker than the bag itself so it’s a nice addition. Although the style is slightly different it’s the same dimensions as the Mini MAC and if you’re interested in what you can fit in it you can watch this old What’s In My Bag video here. It’s the perfect size for an evening out or a days shopping if you don’t have to carry things for your family (so just a night out for me haha)

Rebecca Minkoff Haul

Mini MAC What’s In My Bag

The worst thing about Rebecca Minkoff is that she’s constantly bringing out variations of the bags I already love that are different enough for me to justify needing another.. she’s slowly bankrupting me and this gift from the very generous Melissa was a sign from the handbag gods that I definitely need to expand my collection!

Available online for £125 (don’t forget LOYALTY20 for 20% off)

Miss BB

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  1. 8 June, 2014 / 3:09 pm

    Wow love the metallic colour of this bag – and it looks fab with that blue nail polish you’ve got! Beautiful!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  2. 8 June, 2014 / 10:35 pm

    Love, absolutely LOVE. It’s gorgeous. Oh to be able to afford a bag that beautiful one day 😀 (Or for my blog to be successful enough that someone would send me a bag that beautiful, both would work haha!!)

    You have Very good bag taste, I love your bag posts xx

  3. 9 June, 2014 / 12:24 am

    I’ve wanted a bright red version of this back ever since I saw Scarlett Johansson wear it in Don John, but I just can’t seem to find it anywhere, such a pity!

  4. 9 June, 2014 / 10:25 am

    Ahh, this is amazing. Love Rose gold.

    hay a’7er el 3anqood Sarab Dana u’7ti

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