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You sun lovers will probably think I’m crazy but during the hottest week of the year I  bought the above items. Why? Because the highstreet says it’s Autumn/Winter season now and I for one am chomping at the bit. I’m all for a little sun and mild weather but I’m not really a summer girl, the heat is killing me and as a previous non-hayfeverer this high pollen count people are talking about is no joke. I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve drunk Lindsey Lohan under the table the night before and my eyes refuse to open for a good 10 minutes. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year for weather and then of course there’s Winter which brings CHRISTMAS. I digress.. I love the tail end of the year and am so excited to see cold weather clothes creeping in to my favourite stores. The arrival of the new Next catalogue marks the changing of the seasons for me and I’ve already ordered something from it. While we’re on the subject I was a little disappointed by the selection this year, if memory serves me I think 2006 was my favourite collection but there were a few bits and pieces that caught my eye, I bought a couple of sweaters in the sale and this amazing parka coat. I’ve been looking for a good winter coat for a while as we’re planning a January (wedding anniversary) trip to New York – when we were last there I bought a balaclava and WORE IT.. IN PUBLIC!!! It’s that kind of cold so this time we’re preparing. What I like about this coat is it’s got a detachable wool lining so it’s going to give me that extra layer of heat but I will also get some wear out of it in the not so icy months. Oh and the fur trimmed hood… amazing! I wanted something warm and functional but somewhat stylish (I didn’t really want pictures of me all over New York in my huge leopard print number (though I love it and it’s the warmest thing ever it’s not exactly high fashion) and I this ticks all the boxes, I think. Then.. I stumbles on to H&M.. always dangerous. Probably half of my wardrobe is H&M, I love it for workwear but it was the new season stuff that drew me in.. I bought both the brown and black pairs of the boots above to replace the Primark ones I lived in for the first half of this year which now have a full on hole in the sole. I also picked up a scarf and hat which I thought would go nicely with the coat.. so now I just have to wait for it all to arrive.. oh and cold weather so I can wear them, doh! I bought a few other bits and pieces this weekend (lies! it was a lot) so will be filming a haul video to hopefully go up next week. In said haul I finally got me some wedge high tops I’ve been lusting after – Topshop sale, £25, bargain! – but it’s so freaking hot right now and the lining is wool so there’s no chance of wearing those til at least September I reckon.. but once again they’ll look lush with the new parka!

Anyone else as excited as me for summer to be over? No? Didn’t think so.

Miss BB



  1. 14 July, 2013 / 9:52 pm

    I completely agree, I am SO DONE. This weather is not fun anymore. I get to college and crawl to class like I’ve just been dropped in the Sahara. I love the shoes! Like a female twist on a Chelsea boot – love it!

    Thomas x

  2. thegirlinspired
    14 July, 2013 / 10:19 pm

    Actually I am so looking forward to the colder months too. Bought some darker berry lipsticks recently in preparation and think I may have to take a look on the H&M website myself…. Really need to stop spending!! Xx

  3. traceyleigh
    14 July, 2013 / 10:34 pm

    im the same when it comes to summer i like a little bit of sun but ill much prefer the autumn/winter!

  4. 15 July, 2013 / 7:28 am

    I tend to stock up on Winter and Autumn stuff in the height of the summer too. Great prices, wouldn’t you say? I like the coat. Been wanting one like that.

  5. Kenzi
    30 August, 2013 / 2:08 pm

    Oh you’re a bad influence, I’ve just ordered the boots in brown lol
    I like winter until we get to January then I’ve had enough feeling miserable and cold while walking the dog

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