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I try a lot of products (as you’d imagine) so it’s tricky to stick to a routine with ANYTHING but skincare is particularly tricky. I rarely try anything for long enough to love it but some products give me such an instant boost that I know I have to keep them in my rotation.. these are three such products I have happened upon recently.

Ren Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel / Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation / Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

The eye gel is so refreshing and perks my eyes up the minute I apply it, I also notice the next morning if I haven’t used it, puffy and tired are the words that spring to mind. I love that it has a pump so the does is measured and I don’t waste product, I use 1 pump for both eyes and at that rate it should last me a while. Of course the pump itself will probably swallow up some of the gel and I fully intend to have to cut it open toward the end of it’s life but for this I’m willing.

The Ole Henrkisen products came in a huge Christmas gift set which actually have a few stand outs but these were my favourites. The brand is pretty pricey but I’ve done my research and it seems to be a little less in the states so I already have a shopping list for when I’m in New York next month. The Vitamin C range smells absolutely delicious, the face wipes are ridiculously nice but super expensive so I didn’t include them though I will absolutely be treating myself to a pack (or 2) in Sephora when I’m there. The serum from the same range is the real WOW product, again just a little goes a long way and my skin just glows the next morning. I’m all over brightening products right now and Vitamin C is a great ‘glow getter’ so I’m excited to try some more from that line. The Sheer Transformation is a moisturiser to lay on top of your serum, not too heavy (great for oilier skins) yet very hydrating. This routine has me feeling like a new woman and I’m tempted to forgo testing anything else in the New Year to really give this a chance.

What products have impressed you recently?

Miss BB

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