Revlon – Smoked Peach

Just as yesterday’s post was somewhat courtesy of StyleSoCoy as is todays. Here’s another item I found while rummaging through her belongings. I have Revlons Colorburst in Peach and was very interested to see how Kat’s new favourite of the moment ‘Smoked Peach’ compared. For one this is a matte shade so that alone adds a certain ‘smokiness’ but there is also a hint of shimmer and something I can’t quite put my finger on that transforms the shade from my happy colorburst shade to something a little more muted and grown up. The formula is also very nice, I actually hadn’t realised it was matte at first as it applies more like a cream/satin finish so that’s a huge thumbs up from me. One of my favourite red lipstick’s is from the Revlon matte range and now having tried this I might have to branch out in to some other shades.

Available online for £7.99 here

Miss BB


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