Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment Perplexed – #30lipin30days

Aside from the crazy colour (very bold for me) I was really excited to try this product! I’m a big fan of the Nars pigment that this packaging suggests this as a dupe for but it didn’t even come close. The applicator is easy enough to work with, the formula is near opaque with one swipe and it looked nice on but it just never set. It’s supposed to be a matte pigment and 90 minutes (after the first 5 I set a timer) later it was still tacky.

I can make my peace with a non-matte liquid lip and initially thought that would sum up my review. the staying power is pretty good and the colour is seriously POW but underneath the colour.. something lurks. It stained my lips bright pink. They were still pink the next day and although this might not be a deal breaker, consider that because the lipstick isn’t smudge proof that when it’s smudged (or even when it wears as you eat/drink) this insane pink contrast will peek through. I can’t speak to the other colours in this range and this could be something that’s only an issue with the ‘alternative’ shades (please let me know if you’ve tried another) but I may have to pick up another just to see. I’m also curious about whether they’re actually supposed to be matte and this is just a dud.



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