Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Creams

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My first experiences with these new lip velours were good but having now swatched the entire range I can tell you there are definitely good and bad shades. That’s not unusual in any line (budget or otherwise) but there are some serious standouts you NEED and some I’d very much recommend you skip.. although you can probably guess which from the pictures. The texture is, as you’d expect very velvety however I was expecting more of a matte cream (apparently they do those too and I missed them) and they really don’t set. They’re kind of matte in finish but they don’t really ‘dry’ do they’re really comfortable to wear. That being said they don’t last as long as I’d hoped because of this.. still better than a regular creamy lipstick but worth mentioning as they have a long wear claim.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMove Your Mouth Forever / Their Eyes Can’t Find Us / Can’t We Just Make Love Instead / Say Yes, It’s What We Do Best / You’re Not The Best, You’re Not The Last / Don’t Bring Me Down / What Will It Take To Make Me Love You / Sweet Boy With A Big Mouth / Not One For Playing Games / All I Think About Is You

I’m really not keen on the names Makeup Rev come up with.. who thinks of them? Way too long to remember for the most part and often just weird. I don’t know about you but I’d rather my lipstick not be called ‘what will it take to make me love you’ – mmm. Anyway.. that aside, packaging is basic but sleek, the product is heavily scented with a sweet vanilla we’ve come to recognise with these kind of lip creams and the secondary rose gold packaging – very swish indeed. My stand outs woudll be All I Think About Is You, Can’t We Just Make Love Instead and Don’t Bring Me Down. The deeper colours have better pay off, some of the very pale ones look plain awful, really sheer and streaky but the ones worth having are REALLY worth having for the tiny £3 price tag!

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  1. 19 December, 2014 / 8:54 am

    The names are definitely way too long. I don’t even want to read them through. I do like many of the colors though.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Josie
    19 December, 2014 / 10:19 am

    Aah these look so lovely, I love how pigmented they are!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. Ying
    19 December, 2014 / 11:41 am

    Some of these colours are amazing and for £3 it is definitley good value for money. I am impressed by revolution products so far and I think that I will probably purchase more to add to my collection. Shame that these doesn’t last very long though but I do like the finish it gives.

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a lovely day~♥

    Ying | *Yingcbeauty*

    X x X x X

  4. 19 December, 2014 / 2:52 pm

    I’ve used there foundations before and I was suprised about the coverage! You should maybe give them a try :))

  5. 19 December, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    And I’ve heard they’ve made a eye shadow pallete which is just like naked pallete 2!

  6. 19 December, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    I love Makeup Revolution, they always come up with the most impressive set of products! Thank you for swatching all of these, I’m in love with the red shades. 🙂

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    • missbudgetbeauty
      20 December, 2014 / 10:28 am

      they are really quite nice and such a huge selection!!

  7. 21 December, 2014 / 12:25 pm

    That first shade is terrible!! I see what you mean by the lack of consistency throughout. You’re right though, most lines are the same.

    I love the last colour! Haven’t tried this brand yet but I saw one of the cheek palettes on your YT video and it looked lovely.. such a gorgeous sheen! Will definitely try them.

  8. Sheryn
    23 December, 2014 / 7:35 am

    I’d like to try “Not one for playing games”. I’m still on the look out for that lovely lipstick from Primark.

  9. Lau
    27 December, 2014 / 10:27 pm

    They are all lyrics to a George Michael song called hard day on his album faith, very random.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      28 December, 2014 / 9:47 am

      oh wow! I’d never have known that, well spotted!

  10. 28 December, 2014 / 1:52 pm

    I absolutely love the colours that Revolution do but I do agreed that shorter names would be better!

    I need to help/advice from any blogger out there. I would love some idea’s of blog posts that people would want to read/ and tips on how to get through writers block!

    Any suggestions/tips would be great!


  11. Nishat
    19 March, 2015 / 5:33 pm

    Well! Very impressive review, although u didn’t mention about the longevity of these lip colors 🙂 🙂 what’s ur take?

  12. 23 September, 2015 / 1:39 am

    Lol! The names were the #1 reason why I even bothered to look at them. 😉 Thanks for the review!

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