Rimmel Provocalips in Berry Seductive #30lipsin30days

Did you ever use Maxfactor Lipfinity? I remember discovering it about 15 years ago and I was obsessed. I couldn’t get a red lip to stay put and once I found what was effectively liquid cement in a tube I was hooked. When I got this I thought it would be similar. One end is the lip colour and the other is a gloss, designed to stop that dry feeling and prolong the wear. Lipfinity (which is actually still available) had a separate balm which was slightly less convenient. An all in one just makes sense but unlike the very drying (yet seriously indelible) Max Factor version this is actually really nice to wear. It lasts well (5-6 hours) but starts to look a little dry after hour 3 so that (for me) is when I refresh with the gloss.

I’m a big fan of this and if you’re looking for an affordable, long lasting matte lip it’s a great option!



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