Road Tripping With Hertz / Weekly Wind Down 4.2 / AD


*our car hire was provided in exchange for social promotion


I’m not one to complain *she lies* but I woke up early this morning and thought I’d be productive and write this post, only to have to wait 10 minutes for a web page to open – so I’m writing in Word while I still have the impetus.

I’m sitting in bed, in the dark, and next to me is a small boy chuckling away at his iPad. Further on is my sleeping husband and further still, my sleeping daughter. We’re in Las Vegas and it’s 7am. We just got in last night (after 3 days in LA) and are EXHAUSTED.

I love a road-trip style holiday because you get to see and do so much in a small space of time but I’m so glad we have a few days here to chill by the pool and eat ALL the food.

Our car hire was provided by for this trip, in collaboration with their new Ride’n’Seek activity. The idea is that you choose your destination (currently in California, Florida and New York) and get 10 sights/attractions to find while you’re there. You can upload photos and tag them to be in with a chance of winning a Polaroid camera or (if you collect all 10) you can fill in the online form and enter to win up to 1000 Hertz Gold points.

It’s a fun addition to a family road trip and a great little scavenger hunt-style task to keep the little ones entertained. We only really had 2 days in LA but I can’t believe how many we already ticked off and now I’m DYING to see more of California.. and; of course, to check off some more of the #RidenSeekCalifornia sights!

We’re heading back for a night before we go home on Thursday (it feels like it will be over before I know it and like we’ve already been here for weeks all at the same time) and I’m hoping to make that a beach day. We had a day in Balboa yesterday and loved it so I think a little more sand-time Is in order before we get back to reality.

In other news, the kids opened a snack pack full of rainbow sprinkles in the car yesterday (sorry, Hertz) and Lee looked so exasperated by the time we checked in to our Vegas hotel that they gave us an upgrade and waived our resort fee (Thanks?!, kids?) so every cloud, I guess.

If you want me for the rest of the day, I’ll be by the pool with a cocktail!


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