Rock and Roll Register..

This popular 60s London Register Office is still very cool today..
I’ve looked for the nicest UK wedding spot for a very small wedding and most times the K&C register office pops up.. I can ignore it no longer. It was one of the options we were considering last summer but of course we always go back to the NY/Vegas plans. I have come to the sad realisation that my parents forever resenting us for getting married abroad isn’t really worth it, is it?
The room I like (happens to be the cheapest too haha) only allows for 2 witnesses but I would like to take my two friends along too, can I really ask people to travel to london only to wait outside while we get married? And there’s the question of whether to bring Ella.. ugh, so many decisions for such a small wedding!
Anyway, thinking-out-loud now over, I’ll leave you with these pretty pictures of happy Newlyweds leaving our potential venue…
Judy Garland was even married here, to her fifth husband, Mickey Deans.
How much more glam can you get?
The room that I love..
So.. what do we think?


  1. 27 February, 2011 / 12:50 pm

    haha well I'm glad it's helpful! I love the look of this place!x

  2. 4 March, 2011 / 1:12 pm

    That's a great room! That's also a tough decision about whether or not to bring Ella, but if it were me I think I'd want my daughter to be a part of that, it's a big step in solidifying a family 🙂

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