Runaway Dress

When I saw this dress on ASOS I couldn’t help but be reminded of the dress Julia Roberts wore in Runaway Bride.. It’s a sweet little dress and ANOTHER I’m ashamed to say I’m considering. I just want to find THE DRESS! The problem is I don’t know what I’m looking for.. I’m just hoping to find it by chance on one of my many online browsing sessions.. unsuccessful thus far but this is a nice one!
It actually looks like a short wedding dress!
FYI : Until Monday 19/12/11 if you use code ASOSGRAZIA30 you’ll get 30% off full priced items

What do you think?

Miss BB

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  1. 16 December, 2011 / 12:43 pm

    Oh yes, this is my fave of the ones that you're considering!

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