Schools Out ’16 / WEEKS 2&3

IMG_0047Okay, I wasn’t quite so active this last fortnight so I thought I would combine the two weeks in one post. In my defence this was at least partly because Milo has had such an active social life recently and Ella was away with her Dad. Milo went to Butlins with his childminder (who offered to take him) and to his friends for a morning so I had tons of time last week to work.. this week has been considerably more difficult by comparison. We were away last weekend so I still have tons to catch up on but I’ve still managed to stick to working in the evenings rather than when I’m home with the kids during the day so that’s a win.

IMG_9370IMG_9393Milo and I did take a trip to Leeds last week for a meeting (where he sat on this giant L at the station and caught several Pokemon -HUGE Pokemon population in the centre) but that’s pretty much all we did. This week however I’d made a PLAN! I saw an ad for the ‘Gruffalo Experience’ at Meadowhall and booked us tickets for Monday. It was about £9 each and I honestly thought it would be terrible but I really felt like they padded it out to give you your moneys worth. It’s still steep for 45 minutes entertainment but it’s something I’d recommend if you’re in the area. There were kids of all ages there and the guy running our group got them all involved throughout, also by some sorcery they made the Gruffalo seem totally non-threatening.. Milo even went for a hug at the end. Put it this way, We have never had a picture with Santa turn out this well!

IMG_9388IMG_9374IMG_9391IMG_9384IMG_9392He spotted a playground that we never usually walk past as we were parked somewhere new and so we spent some time there before braving the summer shopping crowds. Didn’t last long but did come away with a pre-owned DS Game (Mario Kart) for Milo who’s just getting in to hand held stuff and a bargainous floor lamp from BHS (£30 down from £150) before we headed home.


Yesterday we went to see Angry Birds at Kids AM.. if you are a parent and you have never heard of Kids AM you NEED to find a Vue (or I think Cineworld have their own version now) near you cause it’s the most cost effective way of taking the whole family to the cinema! It can be stupidly expensive, some tickets are more than a tenner each, that’s CRAZY!!! Kids AM is £1.99 per person and it shows films that have just finished playing. Milo really wanted to see Angry Birds but I suspected it would be terrible so this was one we were waiting on an AM ticket for, it actually wasn’t all THAT bad in the end but hey.. saved about £30 so I’m still glad we waited. They do it year round on weekends but every single day in the holidays!

I love this picture of Milo, it’s basically the behind the scenes of every ‘mummy blogger’ when the kid has had enough pictures taken and just wants to do their thing and be left alone.. the teenage vibes are coming from him at the moment rather than my daughter!


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