Search For THE Denim Jacket

I’ve never really loved a denim jacket on my frame. I’m bigger on top and they just add bulk but this summer (in lieu of the perfect hat I’ve accepted I will never find) I decided I would embrace the chunky jacket trend and after much searching, I found the one.

It does still throw out my proportions in this double denim combo but over a summer dress, with the sleeves rolled back.. I kind of love it. It’s a mid wash shrunken style from ASOS but I must have tried on twenty. I tried on 3 variations of what in theory should have been this exact jacket but the material was different on each and I needed a little stretch.

Now I have it though, I actually think I’d quite like an oversized slouchy one too. Is this the beginning of an addiction? Here are a few I’m currently looking at..

Noisy May Oversized Denim Jacket

Missguided Oversized Denim Jacket

ASOS Girlfriend Jacket

And this is the one I have – perfect if you’re a little shorter in the body like me!

ASOS Shrunken Denim Jacket

so the question is.. will I wear a denim jacket enough to warrant a second? I think I know the answer but it doesn’t hurt to browse, does it?



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