Seek Makeup – Gloss Me/Matte Me


These are the newest offerings in the lip department from the ever popular Sleek Makeup. I must admit that I initially thought they were all the same until I actually swatched one and it was matte.. shock. I’m not sure if Sleek were just giving two options in each colour family or if the gloss is designed to go on top of the matte to switch it up but the similar shades do seem more than a little coincidental. The glosses are not my favourites, they’re a little too frosty in finish and streaky on my lips but the mattes are beautiful. The only issue I’ve found is that they wear away super fast but that may just be me, perhaps I’m an excessive lip licker, I don’t know. If anyone has found a way of keeping thin layers of matte colour on their lips for longer I’m all ears because the neon pink is incredible.. it just wont stay on for more than 10 minutes in the centre of my lips *sob*.  That being said I will absolutely do a FOTD with Brink Pink very soon because it’s just too beautiful to go unworn.

Top to bottom (or left to right depending on how you look at it) the shades are – Rioja Red, Rosé, Brink Pink, Kiss & Tell. They will be available from 31st July along with 2 other colours not pictured here.

Miss BB

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  1. 23 June, 2013 / 3:35 pm

    I’ve personally never had much luck with Sleek lip products, although I was really excited for these. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many positive reviews, maybe one day Sleek will make a lip product for me aha 🙂 xo

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