IMG_3350I have this for a few weeks now and meant to post about it ages ago but my technical difficulties last week pushed a few things back.. but here we are now so let’s get on with it. I swear.. it’s one thing to ramble in videos but when you can actually edit out your inane stream of consciousness (ie: in a blog post) quite easily you wouldn’t think it would make it in would you.. and yet here it is.. running away with itself again..

So SenSpa.. it’s a range of products designed and sold by and actual spa. The idea is that you can take a little of the relaxing experience how with you and create somewhat of a DIY spa at home.. I’m not sure I’d go quite THAT far but the Nourishing Bath Soak is pretty great. I was concerned by the mention of organic argan oils being included that it would be one of those products I have to save for occasions when I’m not washing my hair/shaving me legs (hardly ever occurs) as it would leave that thick oily layer on the water but it doesn’t at all.. I’ve used it as both a bath soak and a body wash in a pinch and it’s lovely. Leaves me skin feeling hydrated and I’d go as far as to agree, ‘nourished’ with absolutely no residue – excellent!

IMG_3351I’m not the worlds biggest fan of the scrub.. it’s pretty basic, the packaging it nice and the scent is quite refreshing and energising but it’s nothing special. I find most scrubs are like that though, very little to write home about 90% of the time so I wont hold that against them. I’d definitely be interested in trying more from the range. As I understand it you can purchase the products both online directly from Senspa and also now from Waitrose if you have one nearby. The site is pretty difficult to navigate so a local store would be preferable but if you have to shop online – from the home page clikc on the ‘Spa Boutique’ header, then chose of the products shown (it doesn’t matter which) and click ‘find out more’ – don’t click on the product cause the will get you nowhere. You should end up looking at a bunch of products with 3 options to the left Relaxing/Nourishing/Detoxing which separate them in to categories. It’s seriously one of the worst sites I’ve seen in a while but the products are worth trying and not too expensive considering their origin. – Shop online here.. if you dare 😉

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