Shameless Nepotism

Hey you guyssss!!
You know how much I love to blog and how much I love your comments and input.. Well… I set Lee a blog up of his very own so he could experience a little piece of that too! I have “met” so many lovely people through my blog/YouTube/twitter I would recommend blogging to anyone (and do, frequently)
As you know I have a couple of blogs covering different parts of my life and a few times people have suggested Lee blog about them from his perspective so that’s exactly what he will be doing. His blog will mainly be chronicling our life and his take on fatherhood so if you’re interested in what goes on behind my beauty blogging then please go ahead, follow him here And make him feel welcome! I would love for him to see how awesome my followers are and how great the blogging community is to be a part of. He’s had a twitter for a while but he doesn’t really use it… When he kicks that up I’ll let you know. Over the coming weeks he will be putting up a couple of guest posts here on regarding men’s skincare products he’s tried recently so all round you will be seeing a lot more of him!

His blog is

Go forth and follow 🙂


Miss BB


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