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Hands up if in all the oily madness of 2012 you forgot about serums.. *puts hand up*.  What with the huge stash of hair oils I’m amassing that are said to serve multiple purposes I completely cast aside my previously beloved finishing products. In the interest of helping them make a comeback for 2013 I thought I’d share with you a couple I tried recently.

FISH High Gloss Serum – £4.99

For those that are hooked on their oils this would be your best re-introduction to serums as it’s a a very thin, liquid texture. It essentially coats your hair, smoothing any split ends and giving shine. It’s a styling product not a miracle so don’t expect the effect to last once you wash it out but for instant shine you can’t fault it and it has the most delicious coconut scent!

OSIS+ Magic Finish – £7.31

Scent wise this one is very ‘hair-producty’ which is fine just nothing that will wow you. The texture is totally different here, it’s more of a gel and has a little holding power so for those curly girls or even those attempting to tame the frizz this might be a better option. It doesn’t quite deliver the brilliant shine you get from the FISH but if your hair is a bit unruly you will see the benefit.

I haven’t heard much about serums lately but if there’s anything new and exciting on the market or even an old staple you’d like to share let me know in the comments as I love my oils but am starting to miss my styling products!

Miss BB


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