Should You Be Using An Essence?

I’ve seen a few people talking about adding an essence to their skincare routine in the past year or so and it seemed like an unecessarilly bougie step to me. Often these were super pricey products and nobody ever really talked about the benefits, just that you should TOTALLY BE USING ONE!

Having lived through so many beauty fads already I have become cynical and can almost understand the older generations sticking with their soap and water – because ‘if it works it works’ and why do we need so many new ways to care for our skin??

Below are a few claims I’ve found on different sites talking about the benefits of skin essence..

  • Targets wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps to even skintone
  • Helps to brighten dull skin
  • Adds a layer of hydration
  • Great prep for makeup
  • Penetrates deeper than moisturiser
  • Contains highly concentrated active ingredients
  • Allows your skin to absorb serums more effectively

It’s A LOT. What I believe is that the weight of the essence makes it easier to absorb and several articles compared it to a serum. Having used one for 6 weeks at this point I can confirm that the hydrating benefits are legit. The first time I used it I remarked to my husband (who did not care) that it felt like I’d just used moisturiser for the first time. It’s similar to that post facial feeling, very plump and nourished.

In terms of fine lines and wrinkles, if you are someone who finds these are more noticeable when you’re dehydrated then it just makes sense that this will be a knock on effect but I’m loathed to believe anything is really undoing any real signs of ageing.

It’s also worth noting that you can get different types of essence! Some claim to brighten, some even exfoliate – so to me, it’s almost like saying ‘do I need a serum?’ and trying to judge by just one.

Application is also tricky. I’ve tried the ‘splash it on your face’ method (messy!) and the cotton pad method (wasteful) but I think I will pick up a spritz bottle to use because I like a face mist and I don’t enjoy the huge glass bottle it comes in – nice as it is, it’s cumbersome and impossible to travel with.

Ultimately, I really enjoy the step in my routine and being a skincare junkie I will probably get another bottle when I run out – but is it necessary? If you already have a regimine addressing your particular issues and you are happy with it, I’d say no. If you feel like an extra hydrating step is just what you’re missing, then SURE but I think this is a nice extra rather than an essential.

*I’m currently using the Time Revolution by Missha which was paid for with a voucher gifted from Yes Style


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