Skeleton Nail Art / #TalontedKhila


I toyed with leaving this until tomorrow since it’s ACTUALLY Halloween but I figured while most of you will have done your seasonal nails for last night there may be some of your hardcore themers out there that are still looking for inspiration. I saw this in a few places and I loved the idea but wasn’t sure I’d be able to crack it as a novice.. i could definitely stand to practice and the bottom (thumbnail) is disproportionate to the top but hey, iI think it’s pretty cool..


It’s not as tricky as it looks but it was too fiddly to want to add much detail to the other nails so I decided to stripe in a holographic polish to add interest without adding another hour of nail painting – Did you end up doing anything for Halloween? We didn’t.. possibly the first year in forever we haven’t had a family party so this little series has been a great outlet for me!


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